Hermetic Projects

I just picked up a copy of this book. I haven't had a chance to read it yet but I did not see any other posts on here informing the authors and playtesters that they can now talk about the finished work.

I'm really looking forward to this. Unfortunately I suspect that Australians just have to wait.

Looking forward mainly to the awesome game of numbers that shall be represented :smiley:.

Damn you, real world postage!

Yay, my copy should be coming soon then! :smiley:

Really looking forward to it too - I went looking through a few suppliers, but they're all still to arrive (Aus).

Eagerly awaited in our group as well I can tell you!

Amazon says I should get mine on Monday. Very much looking forward to it.


I got my playtest copy in the mail about two weeks ago... to prove it, the last heading on page 42 is "Wall Crawler."

That information is in the ToC posted on the product page.

Are you trying to fool us into being impressed with your access to new books?

I have HUGE doubts that Erik Dahl would lie about a thing like this. :slight_smile: I am impressed anyway with what people can write in any case :mrgreen:


Salvete Sodales!

The Redcaps have done a great job, crossed the sea in nearly no time and managed to deliver this precious tome in the Rhine Tribunal. So perhaps there is a chance that even our fellow brother in this strange faerie regio of the 'dream time' might get a copy before he succumbs to Final Twilight.

Alexios ex Miscellanea

Doh, sorry. I thought you were saying you couldn't talk about it until someone proved they have received it. The last line on page 42 reads "special balconies dotted about the walls."

I have it - does pointing out that the sidebar at the base of page 122 is repeated on 123 in its entirity count as proof of that?

I've only read three chapters thus far - The Burning City (fun, inspirational), The Living Corpse (nice ideas, flawed execution) and the Menagerie of Magical Beasts (great fun, absolutely dripping with story hooks). I can try to post a more thorough review when I've actually finished it.

(And in the correct thread this time)

Got mine from the Orcs Nest yesterday - they did not seem to have many on the shelves - perhaps 2 left after I had grabbed mine. It is SO timely - we have a Verditius whom wants to build a flying ship and it is all in the book. Worth the price almost on its own for that chapter

I shall have to hope that at least one copy remains on the shelves of Orcs Nest until I go and buy it :slight_smile:

Oh snap... I gotta get to the Source!

Ahh, sorely miss my time living in London. If not for anything else, then for the satisfaction of visiting Orcs Nest to get the new stuff from Atlas Games... Now I usually have to make specific requests for the books, wait an extra 3-4 months AND pay an extra 60%. I'm glad you like the book though, that means i might be worth both the time and money for my be nevertheless.

That's where I got my copy.

I look forward to this, and hope you do find the time for a more thorough review. I got my author copies almost two weeks ago, and thought it was odd that the book hadn't been mentioned in the forums.

Matt Ryan

Still waiting for mine... Curse that ocean.

While you're waiting I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you for mentioning me in your author's credit. It was very kind.