Hermetic Realm Initiation & Mysteries

Cradle & Crescent has a virtue that can be integrated from Sahirs that allows magi to use their ReVi lab total (including MT) to intiate Hermetic and Supernatural Virtues.

I'm curious what effects people think this might have on the order? Particularly the mystery cults & houses. The process seems more reliable and potentially less damaging then standard initiations. It doesn't use a Mystery Lore ability, and if your total is high enough, doesn't always bestow flaws. Though it does cause a bit of warping.

What I can't find (Nobles Parma) is if Realm Initiation gets harder each time it's done. If you can initiate virtues you don't know, and if you can self initiate.

I could see some of the Mystery Houses and/or Cults really loving or really hating it.

Serfs Parma, but I'm pretty sure self-initiation of virtues you don't have is valid.

I would, however, require that the magus who hasn't got the virtue has either an initiation script from another mystery cult that describes the virtue, or a subject who has the virtue to study. Owning mystery scripts for other mystery cults is a big story hook waiting to happen right there, and when the magus starts rapid-initiating without having to undergo any of the script's trials they are likely to draw considerable ire.

Personally I think it sounds like a fantastic story opportunity. The process of finding the scripts, then avoiding the inevitable backlash, would make for a great saga story arc - with the magi involved either achieving considerable Hermetic prestige or being dead in a ditch. Or both.

As for how the existing mystery cults (including mystery houses) react? I'd say each would have members who think it sounds great, and equally members who think it a threat to the very fabric of their way of life. The latter are going to be a significant issue for any magus who pursues this line, people will fight very hard to protect their ideals and way of life.

Actually I don't think you use initiation scripts with the new system it's a strait lab total. Hit the target number and your good.

What I mean is that the magus would need some form of reference to a new virtue if they aren't being taught it by someone else. They might not follow the initiation script, but I wouldn't be keen on people just picking a virtue because the player read it in a sourcebook. I'd require the character have some kind of reference, such as an initiation script for a cult they don't belong to.

From the Virtue's description it sounds to me like you can use the lab total to give someone else a Virtue you have. But I cannot find the original Sahir guideline/spell that is being referenced to confirm this.


Just to add a rider to those people getting over-excited: you'd need a) to undergo initiation into Solomonic Arts (with a variant outcome); b) to achieve a full Hermetic Breakthrough based on that initiation; c) storyguide approval in the form of a suitable spirit being able/willing to actually carry out the 'almost twilight experience' ; and d) the caster/teacher having the desired virtue already (this is clearly stated on p42 (how sahirs do it) when read in conjunction with the integrated virtue's text on p44, which 'works the same way' as for sahirs).

Other restrictions may apply, I've just skimmed through the relevant section of Cradle & Crescent.