Hermetic Recovery Ward?

If one wanted to make an enchanted "recovery room" where wounded grogs could rest, how would you design it?

  • CreoCorpus Level 1 gives character +1 bonus to recover rolls, with personal range, momentary duration, and individual target. Obviously, one would want a higher bonus, but let's start there.

  • Range: ?

  • Duration: constant effect device: duration sun, 2 uses per day, environmental trigger adds two magnitudes and 4 levels.

  • Target: Would group be sufficient or would you use room?

Other ideas? Has anyone designed an item like this?

A female magus is going to enchant the item and set up a room in the covenant as her personal birthing center and recovery ward for her and her twins. Later it will be used as a "general hospital" for the grogs and other covenfolk.

Ring duration and circle target. No enchantment necessary.
I might require some special work to create the room with a metal circle that can be scribed. There is also some discussion as to whether the spell ends if the circle is crossed. RAW suggests only if the circle is broken.

A common enchantment in our covenants. Recovery rooms and a lighting system are favourite enchantments of us.
I would suggest placing the coircle IN THE CEILING, so it is more difficult to break it accidentally.

That's an interesting approach and I can see the reasoning. Personally, I wouldn't allow it as the targets would not be "in" the circle. But each to their own.

IIRC circles in the ceiling are part of RAW examples. Can't recall where I saw it, though. And well, it depends on how you take the "in the circle" approach as has been discussed before. A circular room with a circle in the ceiling is certainly a possibility in my troupe. :slight_smile:


Well, this is a spell and explicitly only affects people in the circle as it is being cast.
This means a magus must cast it every time it is needed.
I agree this is the efficient way to do it, but the OP wanted an enchanted item, so...

R: touch (can't be personal, you can just place the device in the room and it will be touch.
S: constant (as described above)
T: Room (since it's the same level as group you might as well!)

My personally favoured version though is an item that is activated by touch, unlimited uses.
Perhaps a "holy relic" that each patient is to touch each day.

Also, consider keeping th level below 30, to make it a low-level effect, in order to limit warping :slight_smile:

Ring Duration lasts 'until the target of the spell moves outside a ring drawn at the time of the casting - whatever that means.

And remember that the frequency doesn't count toward the warping, so +10 for unlimited uses can bring it to level 35 without severe warping issues. Also, note that you want the effect level below 26, not just below 30, though it's rare to get an effect level below 30 that isn't also below 26.


My commentary was meant to suggest that a deeper reading of the rules would inform. While it is true that spells with Ring duration do end when the target within the ring moves outside the ring, it is not necessarily true that spells with a target of Circle end when the someone within the circle moves outside the circle.

That suggests that those within the circle may move in and out of it freely. One could argue that they don't receive the benefit of the circle when outside of it. Also, the Circle target can be put into the enchantment for a reduced cost compared to Room or Group.

Also, I wanted to suggest that maybe an enchantment isn't the best way of handling this. If this covenant is vis poor a spell that is cast when needed is a much better use than expending the vis to create the enchanted item that may or may not be used often. When all problems are nails you bring a hammer. But when you have a hammer not all problems are nails.

CrCo 25 The Healing Ward
Base 5: Give a character a +12 Bonus to Recovery rolls, R:Touch D:Moon T:Circle

A healing specialist could spontaneously cast this with just a bit of effort in a decent Aura. Yes, there is a risk of botching it.

The other interpretation is that as long as the circle was drawn by the magus and the circle is whole, anything within it (even if it entered it later) will be affected by the spell. A circle of flames, for example, that will burn anything that enters it. or a circle of healing that will help the healing of anything within it :slight_smile:

The constant use Room magic item is also popular, though, specially for single-use items like this one. for smaller items with more uses (like fuel-less candeliers and torches) circle/ring spells tend to be more popular around here.


This contradicts the description in T: Circle.

Presumably the flames are either not created (via CrIg) or do not use T: circle?
See box on "Targets and Creo" p. 113

Sigh. This is why I generally avoid circle/ring: too many headaches.

I can see the savings involved in casting vs. enchantment. But this covenant is not so vis poor. And the original creation is a bit of a vanity item. A female magus is going to give birth in 6 months. She's got a season to work, and then will need to give up lab work for the last 3 months.

This is her first pregnancy; the midwife is predicting twins and a difficult pregnancy and birth. The covenant is actively trying to grow in size, and she is the first magus to have a child in some time, so the whole covenant is excited; others may pitch in to help if needed. She does not trust leaving the magical assistance during childbirth up to the whims of fate (she's a Luciferian, doesn't really trust God) and would prefer the aid of an item, preferably one she crafts herself, or at least aids in enchanting. Once she has used the room for her pregnancy/birth/recovery, she will turn it over to the council for general use.

These magi lead busy lives. Its a dedicated covenant with a lot of active research going on in and out of their labs. Their covenant is overwhelmed with more hooks and boons than they know what to do with. The healer doesn't want to have to stay nearby to repeatedly cast a spell, he's got better things to do. And beyond the grogs recovering from dragon fire, the covenant has a large population of laborers, teamsters, etc. These folk have a habit of injuring themselves on the job as well, wether from mundane accidents or being subjected to the afore-mentioned dragon fire.

Again the magi don't want to have to come running every time a peasant drops an axe on his foot, but they would like the benificial loyalty and healthier population that comes with such magical healing assistance.

I'm with Vespasian. To be affected by the T:Circle spell the person/thing/item must be within the circle at casting. Nothing is said about leaving and coming back, but to me that's skirting the edge of reasonableness. I'm just throwing it out there as a possibility for a new SG that their player might try some rules lawyering... But the description for Target Circle is pretty clear...
Also, a circle of flames is just that a circle bounded by flames. A circle full of flames might be t:Ind with appropriate size modifiers depending on how large the circle is. Or the circle contains the flames, as in a ward, but then we're in ReIg territory. Remember, that the Target:Circle doesn't apply if something is created, that one must use Individual or Group for the target.
In the case of a recovery area, since nothing is being created, and Creo is being used in the manner of improving towards the ideal T:Circle and T:Room or even T:Structure is perfectly reasonable.

I'm not sure why she would care about creating an item for helping others out then, unless I'm misunderstanding Luciferianism.

Otherwise, it's a pretty straightforward item creation process....

It is not a case of vis. It is a case of time. Casting a spell a hundred times is easy. Enchanting a hundred minor items (torches, or "duck feather" tiles, or ward vs metal shields) might take a lot of seasons above those required to invent the spell. We use a lot of individual/group Ring spells (not circle, sorry about that). In any case, if things are as complicated as you point out, consider it a house rule that makes magic be magic instead of semantics. :slight_smile: We prefer to play loose and cool above nitpicking. It is part of our play contract.


Casting a spell hundreds of times is easy if you're there, if you're present, if you can be bothered to do it. Also, depending on the circumstances you risk botching. Is it spontaneous and must the magus fatigue himself to cast the spell? If so, the choice comes down to an item or inventing a formulaic spell. The item has the benefit of being operated by anyone taught to use it, at the cost of vis. The spell has the benefit of being easily cast time after time, often without risk of botching, unless circumstances indicate that it is a stressful casting. If the item can be a Lesser Device, it can be done in a season which is the same as a spell. If it is a spell, it might be possible to invent additional spells up to the lab total limit... All these are decisions of the player/magus that are primarily a function of the saga. Different sagas are going to favor different choices.

D: circle works well for stuff like that. You can have CrIg unending iron torches, for example. This is why you need to get the spell invented once and then you can illuminate mythic europe if you want to just by drawing a ring along the top of the torch. :slight_smile:


I think we're having a bit of a misunderstanding...

Sure a duration of Ring would work for the fire, it doesn't move outside the ring. T:Ind, D:Ring It works less well for a recovery ward where, ostensibly people are coming and going and it would end the effect with all the activity. I don't consider it to be nitpicky to end the effect if the target moves outside the ring, since that's part of the defined Ring duration.

A Target Circle for fire isn't allowable. T:Circle D:Sun fire isn't a legal spell. The spell target (thing which is created) must be either Individual or Group.

A target circle for a healing bonus is allowable, but it's a gray area as to whether people crossing the ring boundary of the circle cause the spell to fail. It certainly is the case for D:Ring, but is unmentioned for T:Circle.

A spell that is Ring AND Circle will still end for a target when it moves outside of the circle.
Otherwise you must have a different Duration.

Never liked the RAW function of this. Essentially makes a vast amount of potential enchanted items superfluous or a waste of time.

Only if it is a Creo spell that actually creates something.

We read it differently:

So it depends where you put the punctuation, I guess. For us the magus needs to draw the circle. Then it will affect anything within it, regardless of it being in or out of the circle at the time of casting.