Hermetic Summoning Magic

Could someone kindly point me to a supplement or two that may contain examples of Hermetic summoning spells? IOS we use 4th ed. but I have material from all but 1st ed. in my personal collection.

It seems to me that the Rego based Ward Against (X) Faeries spells in the core books imply that Rego based summoning should also be possible. That also seems the most logical Technique to base such activities on. Same for the Re Vi ward against demons.

If there is no directly relevant published material, I suppose it wouldn't be too difficult to write up some consistent house rules based on those two ideas.

What about making an appropriate Rego-form spell at arcane connection range.


Summoning the Faeries of the mountains
ReTe lvl 55
R: Arc, D:Mom, T:Ind, Ritual.
This spell teleports a faerie associated with the form Terram to a location in the immediate vicinity of the caster. The has caster has some degree of control over exactly where, most often within a warding circle or other ward to contain the summoned creature. Since the spell is effectively a teleport spell and has a duration of momentary the spell does not constrain the summoned creature in any way, once it has been summoned. Thus the caster would be wise to prepare before summoning anything.
Base 35 +4 arc)
NB: I used the ReCo base for teleporting a person to anywhere where they have an arcane connection since the spell here is not limited by distance. Though this spell is then modified by actually being cast on an arcane connection since it summons something to the caster rather than transport the caster somewhere. The high level of the spell makes it a ritual. Also note that you must penetrate the magic resistance of the target so this spell is very difficult to pull off successfully, even though the arcane connection does help a bit. Using Wizards communion is recommended.

I dont know if this spell is kosher in 4th ed. But as far as I can tell it is only slightly house-ruley in 5th.

There is e.g. RoP:M p.133 Magic and Elementals, p.133 box New Elementals Spells and Spell Guidelines, and MoH p.111 Cr (Re) Ig 45 Conflagrative Servant.
Summoning of ghosts is already in the core book, while the summoning of more complex beings like Daimons is in TMRE. By TMRE p.81. Invoke the Pact of (Daimon) can be cast by a normal Hermetic magus without specific Mystery Virtues.
Sorry for the brevity: but I am abroad and busy.

As OneShot has mentioned, RoP: M combined with Mysteries does a lot of the heavy lifting.

If you're opposed to the 5th edition, Mysteries for 4th had some summoning as well IIRC.

You might also want to have a look at the old Stormrider book, which had some Elemental Summoning in it, unless I'm much mistaken.

Awesome, thanks to all of you for this input.

@Euphemism: I didn't think to look at Re Co for inspiration but this is exactly the sort of thing I had in mind when I mentioned house ruling. Looks like it ought to fly under 4th's rules.

@OneShot and @Tellus, perfect information for further research. I have the PDFs of TMRE and RoP: M, as well as hard copies of 4th ed. TM and both Stormrider stories.