Hermetic Theurgy and Wizard's Communion

So i was just reading through some of the rules in the Mysteries about Hermetic Theurgy.

I was wondering, if you can invent spells that Invoke the Spirit of (Spell) for any kind of hermetic spell that exists... you could invent a Spell that summons a Spirit that is able to cast Wizard's Communion. Granted, in order to be effective, you would have to invent multiple copies of this spell in order to find other spirits with this ability, since one invocation spell works for one specific spirit, and cannot be summoned by two at the same time.

But still... if you spent the time and energy, could you be able to summon enough Spirit of (Wizard's Communion) that they would be able to commune with you and reduce the target spell of whatever effect you were looking to hit?

Serf's parma here since I have not read TMRE in a long time (not used IMS), so no idea if this is how the rules read

Doesn't the invocation just substitute for a spell? So you would still need the MAGES to cast the actual spell?

I would have no problem if it does what you claim. A spirit master getting aid from spirits swirling around him and feeding him power while he casts a spell in a crescendo voice until he smashes a piece of vis against a stone and releases the power in an explosion is a really cool and powerful mental image :slight_smile: It is just substituting hermetic magi for spirits in the end. As long as the spirits have characteristics that allow them to cast the spell you are trying to cast using WC themselves, it is OK.


As far as I can tell, it does exactly what he claims.
I've been looking for why this wouldn't work for a while and... can't really find a reason why it wouldn't.

You'd still need a mage to cast the central spell theough, since that requires the ability to do 2 pieces of magic, which does not appear possible for spell spirits.