Hibernian magi

I misspoke. Never bothered to read the poetry section of A&A but craft is used for both in both the faerie book and HoH'MC and I have never seen a canon character with both craft poetry and profession poet.

But really it doesn't matter. My whole question was how are we playing it in this game, which you answered.

I did read the section you specified, and all it stated was that performance and crafting are both acceptable ways to utilize charms, nothing about what abilities govern them.

Short term poetry charms, by my reading of that section, would be poems written and recited on the spot, utilizing the skill craft poetry for both actions.

So what skill do I need to use to write new stories?

by your reading is not RAW and it does not specify needing to make a roll or any quality or specific ability being involved.

to write a story requires craft:poetry.

We might be looking at different sections on charms, I'm not speaking of the section from the Charm Magic inner mystery but from the inset on page 88 which most definitely does talk about skill checks for the more basic creation of charms that anyone with faerie magic can do.

Yes, but it doesn't specify that certain abilities are needed beyond two examples " composing a song might use Communication + Music, while a drawing might be Dexterity + Craft" which fits perfectly with the description of artwork in A&A.
I actually read that before the other section and thought there was no way you could be basing your assertion on something that flimsy...


Witch coven. Not player coven :rofl: a coven can be composed of low level characters easily and still have a lot of potential.

Should we leave 5 xp from our character to account for learning Parma?

no, you will learn parma in a season about a year after the play begins- after completing your gauntlet.

Bran an t-Iarbiteon, my Hibernian magus, is mechanically done. Still need to write in his background which, currently, is just a couple ideas in my head. Might not have time to do that until Sunday but if I get a moment I will get moving on it.

Bran is ready for approval. I could spend more time on his background but don't really have it in me today so gonna share as is.


if anyone is interested, I am willing to allow an exception to the Hibernia creation rules for Eogan's sister Eogyn.
She is already defined as follows: age 25, apprenticed at age 5. Currently residing at Vigil. Has strong faerie blood: Satyr and a covenant upbringing, and is of house Merinita.

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