Hiems Ex Miscellanea

Ah, got it, yes! I was trying to get your current virtues to add up to 10, thinking for some reason that you had counted the *-labeled ones, even after you had said you hadn't.

Grump... Just realized that Cyclic Magic makes more than 5 minor flaws. So I'll drop the virtue and the flaw.

I'll see, but I doubt I'll change anything to the character's virtues and flaws

Still thinking, I think I'll change the second affinity from Aquam to Rego (I'll use it both with corpus and to change water into Ice).

Also, my attemps to make a picture for hiems, both in normal clothes and in Furs. I'm not happy about the furs bit, but was constrained by the limits of the program. I'm happy of the hair, they look clearly unnatural :smiley:
I was also lucky to have a "snowflakes" background to illustrate his sigil (although it is pretty exagerated here. And it might be a good idea to change the color to White)

The 5 years post-Gauntlet:

Year 1:
+10 Leadership
+10 Philosophiae
+10 Artes Liberales

Year 2:
+10 Guile
+20 Parma Magica

Year 3:
+05 Parma Magica
+15 Penetration
+10 Animal

Year 4:
+02 Animal
+15 Aquam
+12 Herbam
+01 Vim

Year 5:
+12 Imaginem
+12 Terram
+06 Mentem

70 points in Arts
80 points in Abilities

So, that gives:

Sounds good! Add your Build points to this thread, and be sure to post it all on the wiki.

The 150 points of things Hiems will bring, downgraded to 100 as I said:

BOOKS (61 points):

  • To Rule over the Mortal Realm (30 points) Yes, it makes its comeback here :wink:
    Summa; Q: 10; L: 20; Topic: Rego; Language: Latin; Author: The now-famous Herman Ex Tremere
  • On Wizard's Marches (11 points)
    Tractatus; Q: 11; Topic: Code of Hermes; Language: Latin; Author: Gwissifath ex Guernicus
  • The Face of Clay (10 points)
    Tractatus; Q: 10; Topic: Muto; Language: Latin; Author: Julian Ex Miscellanea
  • The Schism War (10 points)
    Tractatus; Q: 10; Topic: Order of Hermes Lore; Language: Latin; Author: Norbert Gunthar ex Verditus

ITEMS (14 points)

  • Ikaros Swift Ring of Flight
    Creator: Nicolas Jerbitonis; Created: Spring 1210
    Vis Capacity: 10
    Effect Name: Swift Wings of Ikaros ReCo 25
    Effect Details: Move a target quickly in any direction you please: This allows the target to fly at great speeds.
    Design: Base 15, +1 Conc, +1 Touch, +5 lvl items maintains concentration, +5 lvl for 24 uses per day, final level 35
    This delicate ring of gold was a gift of Nicolas to Hiems just before his departure.

SPECIALISTS (25 points)
Like I said, although I designed these 2 as grogs, I felt I had to include them as specialists, due to their high level of skill and usefulness.
Cecilia, Cook and Spy 12
Com: 3; Teaching: 0; Highest Ability Score: 9
Esteban, Doctor grog 13
Com: 2; Teaching: 2; Highest Ability Score: 9