Hiems Ex Miscellanea

Hiems Ex Miscellanea

Tall and slim, with pale blue hair and eyes, which, combined with his pale skin, betray his overwordly origin. When travelling among mundanes, he usually dyes his hair black, though. His skin is cold to the touch, and winter seems to settle him, as rooms are always colder when he's somewhere.
He often wears white furs whatever the weather, not because he needs to, but because he likes it.
Generally cool and collected, he has a chevalrous temperament, especially towards women.

Hermetically, he seems to share the Faeries flexibility towards magic, at a great cost to him, though. More importantly, he has also proven himself to be a master of Cold, with an interest in Ice and Corpus.

He was born to a minor knight, Albert de la Motte. On a winter night, his mother, catherine, was abducted and taken captive by a noble court of winter faeries, to live their enchanted life, eating their food, bedding their lord which had seduced her.
But his father had secretly loved her since their meeting. After weeks of searching and adventures, he rescued her, making her realize she loved him, too, in the attempt (the whole "real" human feeling vs "fasle", glamoured, faerie feeling).
The two married, and, a few months later, had a son.
Albert never ceased to love his wife, but neither him nor her could bring themselves to love their strange child, which was most often only named "boy". Despite this, they tried, and the boy loved to hear stories of his father's past exploits, as well as the arturian tales.
Albert and Catherine weren't fools, though, and knew their son could never live a normal life. So, when a strange old scholar came, asking to adopt their child, they realized why he was asking this, and let their son go, figuring everyone would be better that way.

The following years were grueling, as the young man learned to tap into his inner power to work magic, while also being teached the Arts. But his master, while strict, was fair, and Hiems was happy.
While nearing the end of his apprenticeship, he saved a noble lady from brigands, and met her again a few days later in town. The two began to meet more and more, and Hiems quickly fell in love, courting the mysterious lady, which seemed to return his affections despite his strangeness. Sadly, the lady was both newly married and pious, and, when her confessor urged her to break the relationship with what was depicted as a devil, she obtempered, disapearing entirely from his life.

This very nearly broke Hiems, and his pater had to use magic to stop him from commiting suicide.
Despite this, Hiems managed to pass his gauntlet. Because of this, when his pater ordered him to go investigate Phoenix, he accepted gladly.

  1. Virtues:
  • Affinity with Perdo
  • Affinity with Aquam (Might be swapped for Ignem). This is because Ice = Aquam. I'm hesitating
  • Minor Magical Focus (Cold)
  • Lesser Immunity (Mundane temperatures). This is because he's always cold (see the flaw) and immune to it. However, this doesn't protect from extreme cold or heat (basically, anything that might do damage), just usual environmental conditions. In truth, I took this only to explain why he might clothe himself independantly of the weather.
    These form the core of his own cold-based magic

-Life Boost* (Ex Misc)
-Life-Linked Spontaneous Magic
-Strong Sidhe Blood* (Ex Misc)
These are his tradition's virtues: Magi who use their faerie nature to work magic on the fly (spont) or boost their magical power (life boost).

-Venus' Blessing (Bonus: +3 Com and Pre with sexually compatible characters)
I added Venus' Blessing because I wanted the character to be very good-looking, that's all

  1. And Flaws:
  • Bound Magic

  • Waster of Vis*
    These are flaws in his tradition: They can power magic through brute force, but, conversely, need brute force to power their rituals and items. Similarly, their magic is so tied to their nature that it fails without them.

  • Form Monstruosity: Ignem (RoP: M p 48). I could have taken this as a lesser malediction, too. Depending on his PeIg score, his body is cold, and he cools the air and things around him. At low levels, he might seem strangely fresh to the touch, while at the higher ones, water might freeze when touching him.

  • Vulnerable Magic (Magic dispelled when burned). Self explanatory, his magic can't stand fire, nor can him. I'm gonna suffer from this, like superman from Kryptonite, but this is SO thematically appropriate!!!!
    These are the flaws linked to his own magic

  • Weakness (Damsel in distress) I wanted a flaw that reflected his romanticised chevalrous ideal, but focused towards some aspects of the knight errand.

  • Hermetic Patron

  • Lost Love
    I loved the lost love idea, and needed a flaw that might explain my absences or slow posting (he's brooding). At the same time, I needed another flaw to get him out of the lab and explain his presence here and there, and Hermetic Patron did the job perfectly.

Personality Traits:

  • Brave +2 (He's got little to lose)
  • Compassionate +1 (At heart, somewhere, he's a gentle soul)
  • Cool-tempered +3 (I could't resist this, and wanted him to seem mostly impassible)
  • Determined +1 (A remnant from his fancy with arthurian tales: A true knight doesn't yield before adversity).

good, straight story
the lost love bit is a bit - added on - but the cold heart will never melt again thing is quite romantic

I am not sure about ice myself:
cold is PeIg
creating ice from nothing is CrAq
chilling water so it becomes ice is ReAq (for some reason, according to spell guidelines) or can be done with a PeIg spell targeting a body of water.
This is strange. The focus would cover cold and Ice because of this.
Your life virtues are powerful, but okay.

bound magic - items and spells melt when he dies
form monstrosity - call it warped magic (then it's core rulebook).It is fine.
Lost Love /vulnerable magic: Real love (not magically induced, not just sex, is out of the question, because love is a fire too...)


For the lost love, I knew what I wanted to tell, but wrote it rather quickly and clumsily. This is the general idea, but yeah, this seems very patched on :blush:

Well, I'd have LOVED Cold and Ice for the focus, but I usually tend to take the harsher interpretation, especially when it comes to myself, and, to me, this'd be too broad for a minor focus. So, faced by the choice between the 2, I chose cold over ice. Now, if it's OK for you for it to cover both, well, for once, I won't complain :laughing:

This is freakin' awesome!!!! Love it :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I'm not sure. On the one side, I like the comparison, but on the other, I can't see him being that vulnerable to love. He lost it, sure, but love in others is not his bane, he's happy to see that there is still brightness and warmth in the world, even if it is not for him (and even if he doesn't show it much).
From a rules standpoint, real love might be a little too uncommon compared to fire

Oh the vulnerability covers both fire and true love.
And this will really be restricted to True love. He can have sexual adventures, charm, flirt, even marry and have kids. There will be warning signs if he falls into true love.

But if you are really totally opposed to the concept fire'll do.

Just tossing some ideas out:

"Random noble lady saved from brigands" doesn't add much to future game play. I encourage her to be someone who could show up on one of the opposing teams, especially given how strongly it has affected Hiems. Perhaps she became so convinced of his demonic nature that she joined the forces of the Divine? I really like that concept, actually, since I so rarely see female Divine Realm figures in ArM.

The most obvious introduction seeds I can think of keep her placed near the covenant of his apprenticeship, or fixed to the seat of her noble prestige, and I really want this ray of lost sunlight to be just outside Hiems' grasp, with the serpent-tongued priest hidden right on the other side of her blazing glory. Did you have a country of origin for Hiems in mind already? Could we move him, or at least his Lost Love, to somewhere nearby Phoenix, without being a direct political opponent? Perhaps her family (her new husband?) lords over the duchy two doors over? I'm thinking that we shouldn't regularly deal with her or her family directly, but that any news of The Rest Of The World is sure to include news of her.

Ah, okay.

I understood it as being vulnerable in true love in others, which wasn't appropriate IMO.
As of this, see later :smiley:


That's funny. I envisionned her retiring in a monastery afterwards. Almost the same idea!! :smiley:
And you know what? I absolutely LOVE your ideas.

Further thoughts (I lost my previous draft and am pretty tired, so this is very rough):
The encounter being Hiems and the lady (I could give her a name, but, as I see it, Hiems always refered to her as "Milady", and it'll be easier for me that way) seems very classical. And it was. Because it was engineered by a demon. Nothing personnal. Nothing epic. Just a random demonic plot as there are so many each day in mythic europe. With his knowledge of human beings, he maybe didn't have to influence them in any way. If they slept together, fine (sin points!), and it was sure to bring suffering anyway.
The confessor may have been a pious man, trying to save his charge from sin (in which case the demon factored him into the equation), or an accomplice, furthering the demon's plans.
The goal was of course to have the lady throw away Hiems, with her possibibly becoming bitter and going away from god in time, and Hiems commiting suicide (a mortal sin), what he nearly did. And if they decided to ignore the confessor's pious advice (whatever the reality of the man), it was more sin all the way, with defiance of god's law.
Things didn't go quite as planned, but that's Free Will at work. And still, the results are interesting, with suffering and biterness (which will have their own repercussions) guaranteed for years to come.

So, milady joined the forces of the divine, yes.
And if she witnessed her touch dissipates Hiems spells, well, this is only more proof that he is a demon, and that she was protected by god... Which is Pride (thinking you're special and favored).

Answers to your other ideas :smiley:

Hiems was born near Nerac, and his Parens's covenant, Clair de Lune, was located near Saint Cirq Lapopie. He met while going to Cahors, were she was going too.
If we could move her? Sure. First, I envisionned her as being here traveling. Like, maybe she went visiting family, while her husband lived near Narbonne. Or if going the nun way, she decided to go to a monastery far from Cahors, and went to one near Narbonne. Depending ont he previous, it may be at her confessor's advice, or just dumb (bad) luck, which is perfectly fine, too.
Anyway, I LOVE the idea of her being just out of reach. Not a direct antagonist (this is lost love after all, not ennemy), but just there. Which helps to feel despair (I love that little demon^^). And if Jean-Michelle wants to tell a story with her (although she'll forever remain appart), fine! :smiley:
Sorry, I'm rather excited by all this.

Further considerations, more directed at Jean-Michelle

While creating the character, I naturally considered PeIg spells to destroy fire (see below "Snuff out the Baneful Fires). As as see it, vulnerable magic means that, if the target of one of Hiems spell is burned, any spell cast on him ends (this also means that, say, an Ice Bridge will dissipate) or that, if Hiems is burned. Like if the the fire was a magus with PeVi touch range spells if burning the target or Hiems. Yet, it doesn't means that he can't affect fire, be it by creating it, changing it, redirecting it, destroying it (being in effect barred any ignem spell which has to do with Fire).
This means that, if present, aware of it and able to act, a mundane with a torch is no threat to him or his spells. Like superman, vulnerable to kryptonite, but still able to blast if from afar with his Heat Vision.
So, on the one hand, this seems fine by me. But on the other, I think that, maybe, you may find it too easy, and... It is a concern in me too, although I don't know for sure. The balance is tipped by the fact that it is rather easy to commission (even from a sodales) an item that has that same effect or worse, so the end result is the same, so, as a GM, I'd tend to agree, but you may feel otherwise.
And then, there's that whole Love thingie you proposed, which I find fun as hell (pun intented). Which gives the this vision of two things for Hiems, in the far future. Either he embraces his nature, becomes paranoid, and has powerful enchantments snuffing out any fire in the vicinity, either magical or not, living in cold places (due to his Ignem Monstruosity, which is always on, remember ^^) unconfortable for the servants, avoiding human contact (by which he isn't interested anyway), or he holds on to his humanity, accepting his vulnerabilities (including having CrIg spells who help his servants to stay warm) and taking risks.
Hell, with your permission, I think I'll try to have his "Cool-Tempered" trait evolve though +PeIg (cold and all) - CrCo (humanity) anyway :smiley: Or something like that, I'll have to thik about it. But I like this.
Ah, yes, and the love thingie adds up to the fire to tip the balance, too, but... well, that's not the goal as I see it.
But, well, back on track, what about fire?

The character sheet so far:

Characteristics: Int +2, Per 0, Pre +1, Com 0, Str 0, Sta +2, Dex 0, Qik +1
Size: 0
Age: 26 (24), Height: 180 cm, Weight: 72 kg
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score: 0 (0)
Confidence: 1 (3)

Virtues: Affinity with Perdo, Affinity with Rego, The Gift, Hermetic Magus, Lesser Immunity (Mundane temperatures), Life Boost*, Life-Linked Spontaneous Magic, Minor Magical Focus (Cold), Second Sight*, Strong Sidhe Blood*, Venus' Blessing (Bonus: +3 Com and Pre with sexually compatible characters)
Flaws: Bound Magic, Form Monstruosity: Ignem, Hermetic Patron, Lost Love, Vulnerable Magic (Magic dispelled When burned, by Fire or the touch of his Love), Waster of Vis, Weakness (Damsel in distress)

Personality Traits:

  • Brave +2 (He's got little to lose)
  • Compassionate +1 (At heart, somewhere, he's a gentle soul)
  • Cool-tempered +3 (I could't resist this, and wanted him to seem mostly impassible)
  • Determined +1 (A remnant from his fancy with arthurian tales: A true knight doesn't yield before adversity).

Dodge: Init: +1, Attack --, Defense +3, Damage --
Dagger: Init: +1, Attack +5, Defense +4, Damage +3
Fist: Init: +1, Attack +2, Defense +3, Damage +0
Kick: Init: +0, Attack +2, Defense +2, Damage +3
Soak: +2
Fatigue levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-5), -3 (6-10), -5 (11-15), Incapacitated (16-20)

Abilities: Area Lore: Provence 1 (legends), Artes Liberales 1 (cermonial magic), Athletics 1 (acrobatics), Awareness 2 (alertness), Brawl 2 (Dagger), Charm 2 (courtly love), Code of Hermes 1 (Mundane Relations), Finesse 1 (targeting), Folk Ken 2 (magi), Guile 1 (Hiding his emotions), Latin 4 (hermetic usage), Leadership 1 (Grogs), Magic Lore 1 (creatures), Magic Theory 3 (inventing spells), Order of Hermes Lore 1 (Seekers lore), Parma Magica 1 (Mentem), Penetration 2 (Perdo), Philosophiae 1 (ceremonial magic), Provencal 5 (Arthurian Tales), Second Sight 2 (invisible things), Single Weapon 2 (Sword, Long), Stealth 1 (hide)

Arts: Cr 5, In 2, Mu 1, Pe 10, Re 7, An 2, Aq 0, Au 0, Co 5, He 2, Ig 6, Im 1, Me 0, Te 2, Vi 0

Equipment: Fine clothes, a pair of daggers

Spells Known:

  • At the Heart of Winter (PeIg 20) +25, Mastery 1 (penetration).
    Like Wizard's Icy Grip, different range and damage: Chill a person so strongly that they take +15 damage. If this is enough to kill, the target is frozen solid. Armor does not add to Soak against this spell.
    Hiems touches his target, which begins to flash-freeze from there. The freezing remains there and melts naturally (nothing mechanical, just the sigil)
    Base 15, + 1 touch

  • Endurance of the Everlasting Cold (ReCo 20) +14.
    Like "Endurance of the Berserker", with Sun duration.
    Hiems skin becomes even colder

  • Ennobled Presence (MuIm 5) +3.
    Like "Aura of Ennobled Presence, but Personnal range.
    The cold majesty of the nightsky seems to emanates from Hiems

  • Freezing Dust (PeIg 20) +24.
    Like Wizard's Icy Grip, different range and damage:
    Chill a person so strongly that they take +10 damage. If this is enough to kill, the target is frozen solid. Armor does not add to Soak against this spell.
    A stream of cold wind and iceflakes erupts from Hiems hand.
    Base 10, +2 voice

  • Sidestep the Sight (PeIm 15) + 13
    A Personnal Range Veil of Invisibility

  • Snuff out the Baneful Fires (PeIg 10) +24
    Based on a similar design to "Last Flight of the Phoenix": The Cold extinguishes all fires within 4 paces, cooling the ashes to merely warm
    Base 4, +0 personnal, +2 size
    A wave of freezing winds seem to erupt from Hiems body. IMO, this should only work on mundane fires.

  • Warm Aliments (CrIg 5) +13.
    Well, this just helps to counteracts his nature, ensuring his food is hot.
    Base 3, +1 touch, + 1 diameter

  • Winter's Icy Touch (PeIg 10) +24

  • Wizard's Leap (ReCo(TeAnHe) 15) +13, Mastery 2 (fast casting, stalwart casting)


  • Corrected the technique on Snuff out the Baneful Fires (I had put ignem)
  • Added his love to Vulnerable magic
    EDIT 2:
  • Changed Affinity with Aquam to Affinity with Rego

Snuff out the baneful fires should be perdo, shouldn't it?

a beautiful character!

Oups! My bad.

And thanks! I've had much fun, as I told you, he was floating in my head for some time :smiley:

Thanks to Amul amul and you too for your input, this made the background better, I am happy :smiley:

Oh, excellent character!

Although, with his weakness for Distressed Damsels, I don't know how he's going to keep himself locked in that ice cave for very long.

Just out of curiosity, what is Hiems's sigil?

Oh, of course, I forgot to write it.

Isn't it obvious? Cold and/or freezing/Ice flakes. When inapropriate (like when casting a CrIg spell), his hairs move as if in the wind (Hot + Cold => air waves)

I'm still considering his voting sigil.

While writing in chapter I, I thought that cylcic Magic, both positive and begative, was an appropriate virtue/flaw I had neglected.
Since, aside from Hosue v/f, I'm at 8/8, I'd like to take both if possible, but, well, this ain't important, just another touch.

See if the astrological ones in The Mysteries appeal , page 37.

Not really. I was more thinking in terms of temperatures. But thanks anyway, I had forgotten those, and it was a pleasure to read it again :smiley:

Just noticed this. Strong Sidhe Blood, the major virtue, grants longevity, the minor Sidhe Blood virtue (including access to Fae Lore), the ability to see in darkness, and the Second Sight virtue.

Yup, that's why it's asterixed, it doesn't count against the +/-10 v/f, just as the 2 house virtues and the one house flaw, also asterixed. But I was unclear about this :blush:

Faerie Powers for the Faerie Blooded page 107 , RoP:F
With Strong Faerie Blood , Heims could take a Focus Power or a Greater Power. (page 54)
Even if he didnt do that , the MInor Virtue of Faerie Speech (page 50) is allowed.

Kiss of Frost , page 59
2 points , Init -02 , Ignem
Allows the person touched to survive the cold above the snowline on mountains until he treads upon grass.

Spreading a Mantle of Snow , page 59
3 points , Init -03 , Auram
Covers an area a mile across in snow ,
much like Clouds of Summer Snow
ArM05 , page 126.

Sidhe Blood , page 109
Sympathies: Light , Nobility , Iron (negative)

You could design something Cold related , other than just Cyclic Magic if you wanted.
If Cyclic Magic , why not Winter (positive) and Summer (negative).
This usually goes between solstices perhaps.

Well, as I see it, the cold part doesn't come from his faerie heritage, but from his magical nature, although the 2 mingle and could influence each other.

To tell you frankly, I can see him developing these kind of powers later, as his faerie nature gets "corrupted" by his magical one, but not yet. Also, for the moment at least, this doesn't appeal to me.

For Cyclic Magic, OTOH, that's exactly what I was speaking about :smiley:

Okay, now I'm completely confused by your V/F math. This is probably due to the special rules on Personality and Story flaws. Can you lay out the numbers for me? (This is entirely cuz I'm geeking out on the rules right now, not because I'm questioning your math).

Of course. Sorry if I confused you.

House virtues, free:

  • Strong Faerie Blood (with second sight included)
  • Life Boost

House Flaws, free:

  • Waster of Vis

"Normal" virtues (8 points):

  • Affinity with Perdo. Minor Hermetic, 1 point
  • Affinity with Aquam. Minor Hermetic, 1 point
  • Minor Magical Focus (Cold). Minor Hermetic, 1 point
  • Lesser Immunity (Mundane temperatures). Minor Supernatural, 1 point
  • Life-Linked Spontaneous Magic. Major Hermetic, 3 points
  • Venus' Blessing. Minor General, 1 point

"Normal" flaws (8 points):

  • Bound Magic. Minor Hermetic, 1 point
  • Form Monstruosity: Ignem. Minor Supernatural, 1 point
  • Vulnerable Magic. Major Hermetic, 3 points
  • Weakness (Damsel in distress). Minor Personnality, 1 point
  • Hermetic Patron. Minor Story, 1 point
  • Lost Love. Minor Personnality, 1 point

And so, I'd like to add Cyclic Magic (positive and negative) to normal v/fs, for Winter and Summer.

Is this clearer to you?