Highlander & Ars Magica

I was looking at the various methods of immortality with all the problems and I asked myself "who would want to live forever" by these methods. This lead me to think about the immortals from the Highlander movies and TV show.
Consider this - if the Highlander immortals existed in Mythic Europe, how would they be treated by magi of the Order?

Envy, to be studied, historical experts, experimental subjects?

What do you all think?

Opinions and comments welcome.

Well, nothing is free...

Regarding your question with the Immortals from Highlander, I think it depends on which Realm they are associated with. I am guessing Magic, since they mind their own business, slaying each other and not caring too much about what people think. And they either have Might, or some sort of Supernatural traits. Being given they don't have spellcasting faculties, I suppose they would not be subject to the Join of Die policy. From that point, I think it depends on the individual magus and all your suggestions may be adequate. Maybe some kind of partnership - I help you find your rivals, you help me in my projects.

Back in the the days of 3rd edition, a SG I know invented rules for playing them. They are surprisingly similar to the mythic companions rules of 5th ed.

Pretty much 20pts of virtues and 10 pts of flaws, greater immunity to death (with the notable exception of decapitation). The rest was left to individual players, and various supernatural virtues were used.

Highlander 3 (if I remember the films correctly) included a couple of magic-using immortals. Illusions and something else, so the precedent for using hedge magic is there.

I would do them as Magic Humans alligned to Corpus, and so an alternative to corporeal undead like Revenants.

The biggest threat they face from magi is that their heads contain Corpus vis; presumably it's the chopping off of these heads that allows other immortals to absorb that vis, advancing themselves in Might.

I agree with DoctorComics. "Highlander-style" immortals would be characters aligned with the Magic Realm and in particular with the Form of Corpus. They would be able to increase their Might by consuming vis (as all Magic characters can), but only that coming from slaying their peers (this would be a Flaw). They are easily represented, mechanically, by the rules for Revenants in RoP:M -- really, all the mechanics except the aforementioned Flaw are already there, including immunity to violent death unless one specific means is used (in their case, beheading).

I think that individual magi might have the same interest in them as they have for other magical creatures such as ghosts, dragons, giants, beasts of virtue etc. So, interesting subjects for study, potential sources of vis, allies or enemies depending on the situation. Not really worth envying.