Historical Werewolf Cases

I run into the following, and thought some might find it interesting. It's a depiction of an historical trial in France, with the charge being that the person is a werewolf. The author then goes on to talk about the issue as a psychological delusion and clinical condition. Not too many details, but still I found it fascinating.

drvitelli.typepad.com/providenti ... withi.html

This may be of interest too.

It is interesting, and reminds of something I heard a prof of comp lit from UMass speak on years ago (I think her name was Maria Tomasco [spelling?]). Anyway, her reaserch of early English newspapers (so we're talking a later date here) had found a correlation between werewolf sightings and multiple murders. She had surmised that this was folklore being used to explain the real world results of serial killers. This would fit well with the conclusions of the author of the article sited here as by the time newspapers were to be found in england wild wolves were likly to be far less common.