History based Adventure Ideas

Hi all!

I'm thinking that it would be a cool idea if we took some ideas from history and worked them into adventures. Personally I don't write up much for adventures, but feel free to write as much as you like!

One I've just run -

Winter 1257 - The Dark Clouds Arising

In RL, a volcano in South America blew its top. By Winter in 1257, the clouds had spread over France, being reported in Paris and even further. It's not a stretch to imagine the clouds went over Britain or Spain either. The ash clouds were there for months and caused mass famines and plagues, and doubtlessly there were a few people claiming the end of the world.

My idea was that this spirit was a Kosmokrater, a vastly powerful (magic) spirit of a natural disaster (auram form). As of Winter 1257 it is Might 90, but seasonally it loses 25 might until it is nothing, its energy exhausted.

Questions: Food. Even wizards need to ensure their food supplies when the land is covered in ash, the fish are dead in the lake, and everything else that clouds of volcanic ash cause.

Helping allies and Protecting the Grogs: How do they help their local nobles, or do they? How do they treat the village? If they have the power to protect it, will they.. at the expense of the code?

Supernatural entities: Other entities such as angels will attempt to save the PCs. Demons may attempt to damn them, lying about judgement day.

Summoning This Thing: Summoning it could bring about a potent (Might 50) Aspect of this creature, angry and annoyed. It should seriously threaten the PCs, but isn't intelligent per say, just has a 'Volcanic + 5' personality. It's an incorporeal spirit so its difficult to easily deal with.

This adventure isn't about defeating this thing, but how they weather the storm, and what changes when they come through the other side.