history of archery

Who is Folsom Man and what is his significance to the history of archery? I've been reading a book recently called "The History of Archery" and I came across this reference to Folsom Man. Any search engine I type it into, nothing really shows up! I'm currently no where near an encycolpedia. Does anyone have any knowledge about this 'Folsom Man'?

folsomvillage.com/folsommuse ... unkin.html

I'm not entirely sure what he has to do with archery either, but there you have it...

Don't know about folsom man, but I've heard of Folsom Points


Basically, a distinctive type of arrowhead. Probably important because it gives a definite date when people were using pointy sticks with rock tips, propelled by bent sticks. IIRC, they might have uused bows before, but arrows with sharpened wood tips wouldn't have survived till present day.

(See also Mythbusters, comparing effect of sharpened wood tips to rock tips)


i have 2 questions out of curiosity about MYTs history...

-When MYT team has been created/founded?

-Who was the very first MYT member ...i mean after founders of course??