History Revision

I've read through the 3rd Edition Iberia Tribunal book, and am adding details from that and the Prospectus Locus campaign which was the original basis for this campaign concept. I've added substantial detail to the Iberian Covenants wiki page which should provide a great deal of clarity on the history of this campaign.

Essentially, I've decided to return to the 3rd Edition book version of Iberia to provide unified source material which everybody can draw from. I'm using the Prospectus Locus personalities to give us a pile of names, places and interwoven character dynamics which we can draw from.

Notable changes from what I've told you originally:

  • Rafus and his followers are now Reconquista, not Roman (ie, Muslem-aligned).

  • Phoenix Covenant's history is now much bloodier. Though they (still) claim to be peaceful protectors of Muslim culture, the truth is that they were the most actively violent Roman-aligned covenant of the last several decades. The Lannisters and friends were originally Reconquista, and then schismed as I've been discussing previously, becoming Roman.

Notable changes from the RAW setting material:

  • I've moved Laguna Sententia from Provencal to Iberia, and applied one of the backstories from Prospectus Locus to it. LS was created by me while JM was running Phoenix version 1 as the location of Viscaria's apprenticeship. If you want your character to be from an Iberian covenant, you are also welcome to either relocate your character's backstory, either by adding a covenant to the roster, or plugging into an existing one, or replacing one with your own. Post requests for such changes here, and I'll work with you to integrate smoothly.

  • The nature of the Shadow Flambeau has been substantially changed. They are my primary plot line, and the nature of Rafus's dark secrets will not be the same as written, though his impact on history remains unchanged. Don't expect to know what's going on with them.

  • Due to a typo, I accidentally changed the name of Rasus to Rafus. Oops. At least this way we can be clear about the difference between RAW and our campaign.

  • Based on Serrano's character history, I've decided that a lot of the magi who were part of Rafus's cult of Reconquistas went solo after the schism.

Notable changes that still need to be made:

  • Population juggling. There were 19 members of Jaferiya at its height. I need to figure out how many of them went solo, and otherwise adjust the numbers of the various covenants so that it continues to hover around 100 Hermetic magi in Iberia. This may involve creating more covenants, or removing some.

  • Integrating your magi histories into the campaign material.

I realize that there's probably a lot of information which I have come up with that I've not explained properly. Post questions about the historical background of the campaign here.