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according to http://www.aboutmalta.com/history/time-Line.htm, the Universita was not established until 1266

Yah, I got that figured out, thanks!

Here is a great Link I've been using for in depth general stuff. Most of it is modern by our standards, but it goes into a little more depth on the older stuff, too.


This is a great geological map of the island. I've also been researching water resources, and there are two aquifers on Malta, one at sea level (a freshwater lense floating on the heavier saltwater), and a second, smaller aquifer between the green sands between the Blue Clay layer and the Coraline Limestone - this map shows that interface, meaning possible sites for springs.

everythingselectric.com/foru ... opic=304.0

This is another good site on Maltese geology (yeah, geology is my thing...)

um.edu.mt/science/physics/sm ... ogyofmalta