Hm... Hermetic Magus Shades/Spectres

I've always wondered how things might be likely to go if a magus became a ghost unintentionally, rather than through Transformation or through that Mystery that lets a magus tie their soul to a location. It's pretty obvious how apparitions work, though. Either they've got reasons unrelated to self-dissatisfaction to be bound to earth, in which case they're just especially powerful but normal apparitions, or they're bound by their self-disappointment, in which case this is pretty much just free immortality at the cost of lowering your advancement totals. The other ghost types are a bit weirder.

One immediately has to wonder what a shade will remember. All their Arts? Their necessary skills for wizardry? Their many spells? Luckily on that last bit, at least their living selves probably left behind a great deal of Lab Texts. But how would the Order treat this? The magus loses their protection via Code upon dying, so hypothetically anything they make could be subject to theft with little repercussion. But would they even be able to do labwork and study, given their difficulty in remembering day to day occurrences? Would they have the clarity of mind to do any of this, beings of emotion as they are?

Specters seem a bit easier yet simultaneously harder. They'd probably have minimal scores, and go through the motions of a day in the life of a magus moreso than actually attempt to accomplish any seasonal activities. That's... All I can think of for them. Even as Hermetic magi, spectres are bland.

Any of your own thoughts on the topic?

We have the ghost of a magus at our covenant. At least, we hope it's the ghost. If the old boy is still alive and using image from the wizard torn that freely, we're all gonna be a bit miffed.

Either way, first off, he's powerful enough we have no desire to tangle with him, ghost or no ghost. Second, he's still doing labwork of a sort, and third, we have a long term use for him. Punishment for unruley apprentices and grogs.
"You screwed up. Now you've got to go listen to Azgohol talk to you about a subject of his choosing for the next four hours."

It's mostly annoying at council meetings, since he either sleeps for the entire time, snoring, or he wakes up, and assumes it's the council meeting he remembers most vividly, and thus launches into a tirade against the former covenant head.

The living corpse chapter of Hermetic Projects looks at this in great detail. There are also hermetic ghosts in the Broken Covenant of Calebais. I've never checked them against one another to see if the different takes are compatible.

Somewhat different, but not too terrible as I recall.