Hobbled Flaw and Dodge

Page 136 of HoH:MC describes the Hobbled flaw. Specifically my issue is "Her Dodge and other combat rolls are penalized by -6..." (my emphasis). This looks like some kind of holdover from previous editions. Perhaps I haven't played combat too much in ArM5 yet, but isn't this somehow redundant? Dodge is a weapon, essentially, so it would be rolled just like using an axe or whatever, right? Or have I missed something?


actually, I see that Lame is set up that way too: "-3 on Dodge and -1 on other combat scores" ArM5 55. Dodge isn't a "Score" but a weapon. Could this be saying that you have a -3 penalty on your Brawl score when using Dodge and a -1 penalty on other Martial Ability scores? Or perhaps -3 to Intiative (or possibly Defense) when using Dodge? Sorry, still confused.

As I read this, you get -3 to defence when using dodge (as well as any rolls to dodge away from spell effects or the like), and -1 to anything else combat related.

This does mean that you'd be better of trying to parry an attack, but in many cases that isn't an alternative... (Ever tried to parry a dragon's bite?)

Hmm, that's a great interpretation and I'll probably use it that way. I'm just struck at the wording: Dodge doesn't seem to be an action or a "score", it's a weapon--it's listed on the weapons table anyhow. I suspect it's a 4thism that got through somehow. I guess I'd like to see it better worded. Oh well.



I agree on all points. :slight_smile: