Hogsmeade Tavern

No. As far as Personal Vis Sources, it's x pawns of any art. If you take four pawns a year, it could be four pawns of Perdo or four pawns of Vim. There's no advantage or penalty for taking a Technique over a Form, or vice versa.

Based on all this (up to 6 pawns/year, regardless of Art) as opposed to all the different ideas others had thought, what do you think of my earlier suggestion allowing people to trade Virtues into or out of Personal Vis Source since so many interpretations of it were not in line with what we're using? That way the person who expected 10 or 11 pawns could opt out while the person who expected 4 pawns could opt in, or they could not change their minds at all. (I'm surprised none of us asked about it way back when, which would have helped. But we haven't really done anything yet, so changes now aren't bad.)

This early in the game, I'm fine with it, as long as it's not being traded for a Virtue that's already come into play.

Emelric, you're being paged.

I think I'll drop Independent Study to get a personal source of Creo. The orange tree will come back!

Any magi want to crash Corbin's intro thread?

Finally starting get healthy after getting wiped out for two weeks by this illness...

Like Trogdor, I'm going with a Personal Vis Source over Book Learner. I came up with a cool Corpus/Mentem idea for a necromancer: a skull that was a ghost's locus for a long time and now cries periodically.

I'm back from vacation and working on catching up.

So sorry. I get part way through something and get crushed. I'm still sick, but now at nearly full strength. And then there is work, family, and tons of interviews. I will fully catch up soon.

Just don't forget to take care of yourself, first and foremost.

Gavin is interested in getting some magic items made for him for his lab, and is willing to pay standard Verditius rates for them. Before he goes outside the covenant for such a job, however, he's more than willing to see if anyone inside the covenant wants the commission. Here are some items he's interested in getting (in no particular order):

Faithful Equipment Stand
ReTe 20
This item is a metal stand with enough space on its top for a a variety of pieces of useful equipment. The stand moves around to follow the magus so that he is never far from his equipment. He only need turn to retrieve an item or place an item in easy reach. The Equipment stand adds +1 point to General Quality.
(Base 3, +1M Conc, +2M Metal, +1M Size, +5 item maintains concentration - final level 20)
Commission Price: 2 Te vis (or equivalent) + 4 Vi vis

Faithful Note Stand
ReHe 20
This item is a wooden lectern with enough space on its top for a magus' lab notes, as well as an inkhorn, a small knife, and several quills. The stand moves around to follow the magus so that he is never far from his own lab notes. He only need turn to consult his notes or make further comments in them. The note stand adds +1 point to General Quality.
(Base 10, +1M Conc, +5 item maintains concentration - final level 20)
Commission Price: 2 He vis (or equivalent) + 4 Vi vis

Moveable Spell Circle
ReHe 20
This item is a large wooden platform with a spell circle inlaid into it. The platform can move into any position and location desired to place the spell circle exactly where it is needed, whether that be on the floor, on the wall, on the ceiling, at an angle, etc. The spell circle adds +2 points to Spells.
(Base 10, +1M Conc, +5 item maintains concentration - final level 20)
Commission Price: 2 He vis (or equivalent) + 4 Vi vis

Brazier of Heating
CrIg 30
This item is a a brass brazier with runes carved along the edges. It serves to heat the entire structure in which it’s placed to a comfortable warmth no matter how cold it is outside. The hearth of heating grants the Virtue Magical Heating.
(Base 2, +1M Touch, +1M Conc, +3M Structure, +5 item maintains concentration, +10 unlimited uses - final level 30)
Commission Price: 3 Ig vis (or equivalent) + 6 Vi vis

Eternal Lamp
CrIg 30
This item is a brass lamp that can light up a room. The eternal lamp grants the Virtue Magical Lighting.
(Base 4, +1M Conc, +2M Room, +5 item maintains concentration, +10 unlimited uses - final level 30)
Commission Price: 3 Ig vis (or equivalent) + 6 Vi vis

Third Hand
ReTe 20
R: Voice, D: Conc, T: Ind
Slowly moves and hold in place a nonliving thing, like an alembic, instrument, or material; it cannot oppose intentional resistance. The Third Hand grants +1 General Quality.
(Base 2, +2M Voice, +1M Conc, +5 device maintains conc, +10 unlimited use, final level 20)
Commission Price: 2 Te vis (or equivalent) + 4 Vi vis

Flameless Cauldron
Cr(Re)Ig 40
This item is a medium-sized cauldron that can become hot enough to melt lead (the user decides each time it's used). This device is very useful for heating materials without needing to start a conventional fire. The Flameless Cauldron grants +1 General Quality and +2 Items.
(Base 10, +1M Touch, +1M Conc, +1M variable heat, +5 item maintains concentration, +10 unlimited uses - final level 40)
Commission Price: 4 Ig vis (or equivalent) + 8 Vi vis

Tireless Servant
(As set forth in Covenants)
Commission Price: 4 Co vis (or equivalent) + 8 Vi vis

I've added what I think they would give so far as bonuses to the lab, but I welcome any comments (particularly from Peregrine) as to whether these seem appropriate. I'm clearly trying to focus on items that will raise my lab's general quality, and would prefer to design items that provide that bonus. I'd be happy to have any thoughts on how these items could be better designed as well, as I'm sure some of them could be done more efficiently.

Also, I recognize that this is a large list. Obviously he doesn't want them all at once. But I thought I'd list them all to get thoughts on whether they were feasible and whether anyone was interested in making any of them for vis.

Hope doesn't take commissions. If she makes something for the common lab, she'll probably make it for herself. But since the second time around she'll be using a lab text she'll be able to double up on lesser items.

The only item I really question is the Faithful Note Stand. I would expect a +2 text specialty from it.

I wasn't sure if anyone was interested in a commission, and I won't feel bad if no one is. But I thought it was fair to offer to the covenant first before looking elsewhere, just in case someone did want to trade a lab season for some vis.

I can see that. I was trying to come up with an item that would be of general use to a magus and I figured that since you keep notes for any lab activity, having a magical note stand would be generally helpful in taking notes, as well as reading them.

That having been said, I'd be open to suggestions as to other items that might improve general quality. I'm designing from the ground up here. I'm not married to any particular ideas.

Also, Gavin will make a standing offer to any member of the covenant that needs Vim vis that he'll be willing to trade any Form vis on a 1-for-1 basis for Vim, and any Technique on a 1-for-2 basis for Vim (supplies permitting).

No sense giving House Mercere any extra vis if someone needs Vim vis for a project. Gavin will end up having a lot of it.

You will need a wide open lab as all of this furniture follows you around the lab. Reminds me of Luggage from Terry Prachett.

I do not think Corvus could help but I will check.

Faithful Note Stand is remarkably similar to Bookstand of Hespera, which grants a +2 for texts. By the RAW, it's fine to have it add +1 for General Quality, just wouldn't allow both devices to operate within the same lab.

BTW, how big are the standard cottages in the covenant? I'm looking at making a map of Gavin's and was curious about length and width.

I've always imagined the cottage to be at least twice the size of the lab, maybe three times. So, between 1000 and 1500 square feet. Or a smaller footprint if the cottage was two stories.

For the muggles, probably about 20' x 40' or so, maybe larger for a multi-family or large family one.

Can I take a 1000 square foot lab? It will take a bit of extra work, but it might be worth it. Especially if we train some people in magic theory.

That would be a Size +3? Yes, that should be within the capabilities of the spell.