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I feel like an idiot for even asking this, but how do I make this a sticky thread?

If you were given the correct perms, edit the first post. Trogdor had an issue in his saga, he couldn't sticky stuff

I don't even see in my User Control Panel anywhere to show permissions. So...I guess an email to whomever is in order, then.

What does everyone think of a Minor Magical Focus in transmuted air? Transmuted air would be something that is not air and has been turned into air or that is air and has been turned into something other than air. It would not include changing fog to make it impenetrable, for example, as that is fog and not air. It would include some air elementals since some are rarefied air, but not lightning ones for example because those are not rarefied air. Thus there is plenty of Auram to which it would not apply. It's mostly a chunk of MuAu and some MuFo(Au) and working with stuff already transformed. It's certainly smaller than MuAu as a whole, so it meets that requirement. Is it clearly defined enough?

It's not something that you can see in the UCP.

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I'm realizing there is going to be trouble with Beatrix's children. She would want her lab and home to be in her sanctum to protect the lab and her family. But she wouldn't want her children being constantly warped. If they all end up with supernatural abilities from the magic realm (more likely with the use of Mercury's Blessing), then they'd be OK. Much more fun to have to deal with the 6-year-old who really does see ghosts...

Isn't that only a problem if the Aura in her lab is 6+?

I don't think I have the right permissions. This is what I see when I go to edit a post, and this is what i see when I go to make a new post.

I've sent an email to staff for help, but it's Friday evening, so I'll be surprised if get anything back by Tuesday.

Oops. I mixed up the islands. I see now. There is only the common lab on the little island, all the other labs will be in an Aura of 3.

Speaking of labs, is anyone capable of starting with a nice CrTe spell to make some new lab spaces?

3, unless the troupe decides to buy a level or two of the Aura Boon.

If not, there's a nice CrHe(Te) spell in the Library that should do the trick.

I think it would be extremely limited. Would any gas fit into the definition?

Well, turning air into any other gas would qualify. But generally no other gas would qualify, nor would manipulating or creating air that is not/has not been transmuted in some way. Sure, it's limited, but that is supposed to be the case with Minor Magical Focus. However, though it is limited, there are plenty of ways to use it, and that would be one of the two focuses of Beatrix's magic, the other being the planned metamagic stuff I've mentioned.

A question that does come up is if we allow non-traditional familiars. For example, HoH:MC suggests plant familiars for some Criamon magi. Would other (not traditional animals) non-intelligent magical beings be OK? In this case, I'm particularly thinking about air elementals. I like the flavor that comes with it. Of course, these are somewhat self-limiting because high-might elementals are extraordinarily large, making the required lab totals for binding them become extraordinarily high.

I think it's a valid minor focus, a very potent one with with plenty of application, but that's not a problem for me. As mentioned in a previous thread , MuFo(Au) is very close to Perdo and MuAu(Fo) is very close to Creo and some consider this too strong.

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I'm having a bit of a time wrapping my head around this. It seems like there's an awful lot of room for interpretation there. If it's transforming air into another gas, or into another form of air (e.g. an Air Elemental), or into another element, and vice versa, that feels more like a Major Magical Focus than a Minor. Minor is generally "slightly narrower than a single Technique and Form combination", and this feels like it's substantially broader.

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My 2c: I'd say allow them.
Isn't there a spirit familiar minor virtue in Mysteries and a similar one in one of the HoH books? As long as you're buying it with a virtue, it seems very reasonable. Having one without the virtue would be questionable.

I'm fine if you want to disallow it. It is open to the same sorts of strong use as mMF animal categories, other mMF materials, etc.

As for it's scope, I would strongly disagree. If we look at just the MuAu stuff, air is only one of many things. Look at the example spells; only one of the five would qualify at all. Air doesn't include clouds, fog, rain, lightning, smoke, and other gases except to transform them into air. Of all the other MuFo stuff, MuFo(Au) specifically to air is an extremely small subset. So all of that is well under half the size of MuAu. The only CrAu I can think of is creating a single type of air elemental. InAu, PeAu, and ReAu would only work on transformed air and so would only apply in the lab when making extremely limited spells or apply when casting a less limited spell on a very small subset of things. Compare this to other listed mMF's. Wood. Transform anything into wood, transform wood into anything, create wood, detect/investigate wood (need not be transformed but could be), destroy wood (need not be transformed but could be), move/control wood (need not be transformed but could be). That's a significantly greater portion of Herbam than transmuted air is of Auram. Another one: wind. That's moving air, so air with a qualifier, and so is pretty comparable. Others: rain and lightning. They're not as omnipresent, but in terms of the fraction of Auram available they'r much broader.

As for worries, it's comparable to a lot of other things. mMF in wood, for example, can be used even more broadly. Turn things into wood and do whatever with them, or turn wood into things and do whatever with them, or just do whatever with wood directly. My suggestion only fits the first two of those three. That's not to say I cannot think of plenty of ways to use it well. Rather, it's that I can think of as many ways to use many canon examples of mMF similarly well. So, as I said, I'm fine with it being disallowed. I would guess that you would also disallow half the canon examples as well, right?

Sounds reasonable to require something different like a Virtue. Both Summoning and Spirit Familiar allow spirits as familiars in addition to some other benefits. Summoning allows for, well, summoning. Spirit Familiar grants a bunch of bonuses for the different cords. So likely such a Virtue would grant extra related benefits as well.

But I need to see for sure if the magical focus is accepted or not. That could necessitate moving away from Auram. We'll see.