HoH:MC -- Multiple Temporary Familiars

HoH:MC introduces (on p.90) a Faerie Magic Ritual that allows a magus to approximate the binding of a familiar. The Ritual is mentioned to be "particularly appreciated by those who favor taking many different familiars", and although it states that a target familiar can't be already bound to someone else (or the spell fails) it does not state the converse -- i.e. that the caster can't be already be bound to another familiar. Does this mean one can have multiple temporary familiars simultaneously with this spell?

EDIT: Also, could a Bjornaer who somehow learned Faerie Magic have a temporary familiar by using this spell?

I think taht is not possible, just one Familiar on the same time.
Another related thing... Can one Homunculus Wizard -from New Flaws section on RoP-F- make this spells of temporal faerie Familiars since it's said taht he can't make commons Magical Familiars Bonds? I mean, it's said that in fact he has the outer mysteries of Ferie Magic...

Certainly sounds like it... :confused:

My read is that it allows the caster to have multiple temporary familiars, but only one at a time. Of course, a normal magus can do this too, but the spell allows you to swap your familiar by merely dispelling (or causing to expire) the binding spell without the hassle/trauma of having to kill the previous (which you need to do to a normally bound familiar). I guess you could keep a bunch of different creatures in cages, swapping back and forth which one was your "familiar", as your needs/fancy changed.

I don't think so.