HoH: MC reprint?

Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults has been listed as out of print by Warehouse 23 for some time now. The book was published in 2006 and is, I believe, one of the central sourcebooks for ARM. If it sold out quickly, it must be popular...

My question:
When can we reasonably hope for a reprint?

I would truly appreciate an answer to the above question, even if it is just to clarify whether it's "Never", "No Idea", or "corporate secret". Because by default I would unfortunately be left to conclude it's "We don't read those questions"... And I can't honestly believe that is the case with the fine folks at Atlas?

A reprint is planned, but not yet scheduled. I think the hope is to decide when to do it fairly soon, which may be why there's been a delay in replying.

Thank you very much.
I will await eagerly.

/me await eagerly too!

Hi there. Sorry for the delay in replying ... as David speculated, that's due to a lack of solid info to pass on, not because we're ignoring you. :wink:

Mystery Cults was originally printed in April 2006, and reprinted in Oct 2006. Obviously we didn't print enough. We plan to reprint again, but haven't scheduled it yet.

Could you please reprint HoH:Societas as well? I was told is also out of stock.

Hi there. We also plan to reprint Societates, but haven't yet scheduled it.


Have you scheduled a reprint for HoH:S and HoH:MC?

Nope, and we don't know when we will at this point, I'm afraid. We have a lot of other high-priority reprints, like of card games, that we're focusing on right now. John says he wouldn't be surprised if it took us another year to get to those Ars Magica titles.

Arf. I was waiting for them to be available before ordering a new batch of AM books. :frowning:

As somebody who is trying to get into AM but can't find Mystery Cults or Societates for reasonable prices, I just want to add my voice to those asking for reprints. I don't do pdfs (they strain my eyes too much), but my inability to locate copies of these books is really unfortunate. I'm sure there are others in this situation as well.

there was a post elsewhere about softcover reprints in the ars forum. I assume it is related. That was a recent post so maybe we are getting closer to a solution to this one.

I am new to Ars Magica, but I would love to buy copies of these books when/if they become available again.