HoH: S Errata

Didn't know how to say this or where to post it, but I just discovered that the HoH: S spell "Shackes of Frozen Ice" has an error.

It is listed ReAq 10, R: Voice, D: Sun, T: Part.
Guidelines list base 3, +2 sun, +1 part.

They forgot the +2 for Voice range, this spell is actually level 20.

The very top-most thread actually reads: Errata :wink:

Toss it on the forum for feedback but I think David Chart prefers an email.

I would like to ask if that was noticed before.

I HoH:S, on page p. 113, in the columbae section, it is said that wards can't use Arcane connection to boost penetration. (That is, unless the target is in the circle when the spell is casted.)
It goes on to give that possibility to use AC in that way to the Columbae only.

I find it strange indeed. I don't think this follow the rules of the core book.
Do you see what I see, or I am only behind in the news ? ^^

This also recently came to my attention - and the issue sparked the debate found here on targets and penetration. More importantly, see David's note on this in this thread where he confirms the rule on wards and boosting penetration (but also points out that an errata might be needed to make clear that this is an exception of wards to the generic rules on boosting penetration).

Thank you! :smiley:

Concerning "Shackels of Ice", I had questions about the choice of technique. It appears that Muto would be more appropriate. It has to turn the water to ice, not move it into ice. Creo may also be correct. Even if the ice was created magically, it would still hold against param as a barrier just as magically created stone walls.

As I see it, it uses rego because Ice is a form that water could naturally take.

There's even a guideline for this in ReAq (checking...)
Base 3: "Change a liquid into the corresponding solid or gas"