Holy magic new range, duration and targets

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I have searched the forum but found nothing.

Holy magic (hermetic major virtue, RoP tD) gives access to new parameters. I have some question:

  • is "dominion" (which is = boundary) also necessarily a ritual spell parameter? the box say nothing.
  • is "grace" (which is = year) also necessarily a ritual spell?


Lacking any more data, I'd say yes to both questions. New ranges / durations that are "equivalent" to an Hermetic one for level purposes but differ in terms of requiring or not a ritual say so explicitly. Remember that with Holy Magic you can substitude fatigue for pawns of vis.

I'm not sure either as those new parameters aren't included in any of the sample spells. However, given that the values are described in terms of Hermetic Equivalents, I would suggest that they are indeed +4 and Ritual just like the Boundary target and Until duration they so resemble.

~ Gremlin44

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Yes, holy magic can create vis, but your long terms fatigue last as long as the spell. So for "grace" spells, you'll be tired when in grace...
Holy magical vis is useful for : not so long rituals (big effects... but not to sin!), momentary rituals (healings, boosting of characts, call the deads back...) IMO. But casting an aegis with this vis... glups.