Homebrew lab work flaw advice

I'm considering the following homebrew flaw (or possibly virtue), but I'm not sure if it is a minor flaw or possibly even a minor virtue:

Flawed Experimenter
Either due to a flawed understanding of magic theory, a poor education or a lackadaisical attitude you cannot perform any laboratory activities without experimenting. Years of practice has however made you used to avoiding accidents in the lab; Should a roll on the extraordinary results chart proves unfavorable, you may choose to spend a confidence point to reroll the result. Doing so however increases the risk modifier by 1 for the next roll, but you do not gain an increase to your lab total. You may do so only once per laboratory activity and you may not exercise this option when doing original research.

Any comments would be welcome.

Sounds similar to the existing Minor Flaw "Prone to Chance"
See HoH:MC p120

Up to this point, it is a reasonable minor flaw that has no complexity.

The extra +1 risk is actually useful. Discovery is at 10 on the extraordinary table, as it requires a really rare roll, a 1 then a 5 (or exceptional risk), to get discovery. Your re-roll has increase by a factor of 10, the chance of getting discovery (a roll of 9). The best experiment option.

A re-roll option on something as chaotic as experimentation is amazing. This is a virtue in my opinion.

It did indeed feel a bit too good for a flaw which is why I thought it might be a virtue as well. Does it seemed balanced for a minor virtue?

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I always forget. Doesn't the minor Virtue "Lucky" affect experimentation rolls?

I see two balance issues. Where can the re-roll be done?; and the confidence point cost.

If the re-roll is only for the first part of the extraordinary results table, it is probably balanced. If the re-roll can be anywhere, overpowered.

I can see a character doing some near pointless lab activity with a +3 exceptional risk mod, fishing for discovery. Then on the discovery table, if they don't roll 7 plus on the dice to get 2 rolls, roll again, this time only needing 6 plus for 2 rolls.

If confidence points are given rarely, this virtue might be under powered. If the re-roll is limited to the first table, you might want to say as a virtue the confidence point cost goes away.

The reroll should be on the main initial roll. It would be a bit broken if you can reroll the sub rolls.

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This is definitely not a flaw, since there is no actual downside to the trait. If bad, may reroll.

My question - what is the goal of this flaw, other than 'ooh, more experimenting'? (Which is a good goal IMO)


One of the standard Verditius minor ordeals is:

Prone to Chance (Minor Ordeal):
This ordeal changes the magus’s personality, making him extremely keen on risk taking and experimentation. After undergoing this Ordeal, he must experiment on every laboratory activity that allows experimentation, loving the thrill of the unknown and its unexpected outcomes.
He receives the Minor Ordeal Flaw Prone to Chance. This Ordeal is incompatible with the Ordeal Averse to Risk.

That supports the idea that "must experiment" (without the reroll option) is about right for a minor flaw.

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