Homunculus wizard write up.

Sorry for a question that is basically a request to help my memory.
I know there is a write up of a homunculus wizard somewhere in the AM5 books. I recall he had a speciality in "vines". I cannot remember which book it is in, and for some reason the wizard does not appear in the Ex Miscellanea lists of Magi in the Magi of Hermes list from the AM site. Can anyone remind me which book had this write up, and roughly wherein? Thank you in advance.

The faerie realm book

Thank you, but while the Faerie realm book describes what Homunculs Wizards are, it does not have a full character write up w/ stats. That is what I am looking for.

There are a few Homonculus Wizards appearing in Legends of Hermes (Ch. 4, The Magical Garden of Herisson), but not a full write up of any of them.

Thanks for the direction. Now that I know where to look, I was conflating the reference to the Mandrake Wizards with the write up of a Bonasagus magus with a vine specialty that appeared nearby in the same section.