Hooks PDF?

Might be posting this in the wrong spot, so if I am someone please kindly move it.

Anyhow, I'm wondering if there is a place to obtain a legal, legitimate, paid-for-by-me copy of Hooks in PDF format? I checked Amazon, paizo, drivethrurpg, warehouse23...all of them have the physical version, but nobody has the PDF version.

If there is no such thing at this moment, then that's ok. I am just hoping and praying that PDF versions do exist, and that I can get one legally. Thank you.

Iif I recall correctly PDFs have a year lag over printed copies. They are put online a year later than the printed version. There was a reason for that, but I cannot recall it. So until march 2015 you are unlikely to find it online.


I read the introduction piece that Atlas has posted, and I'm very interested in one of the stories/hooks that is in the book. You know, the one with Heron's mechanica. Surprise, surprise, right? :slight_smile:

Well, I refuse to purchase a physical copy as my entire personal RPG library is PDF. So I'll have to wait until 2015. Thanks for the answer!

I suspected as much.
Looking forward to 2015 and to see what you think of my (and Gremlin44's) piece for the line :mrgreen:

If it has anything to do with Heron, I'm sure it will extraordinary and fantastic.

For some reason, that piece of Ancient Magic just calls out to me. It was a great read, and I've tried to scour every other book for any pieces of information on it (which brought about my question regarding the Covenant at Alexandria, but that's a different story). I love the history of Heron, and how his works were before the established Order, and how they are (mostly) lost by the 13th century. And the idea of a saga surrounding looking for his lost works and incorporating them into Hermetic theory is intriguing. Hell, if I had more experience with the system I'd run something like that myself.

You can find a few items in the non hermetic grimore thread, and the development of a potential Anima in the forums. A kind of preparatory stage that we took forward in the development of the stuff in Hooks.