Horse of a different color

Fiona screams in joy at the top of her lungs, cheering on Alexei in a mix of Gaelic and Latin. (Think Spanglish, but different. Gaetin? Lalic?)

Alexei is mystified himself...he had a large jump on him from the starting line, but he estimated his pass was average at best, he'd set so rigidly to receive Valeran's strike. But not one to lose an advantage Alexei wheels the horse and spurs it quickly for the next pass, foregoing his usual bravado and instead choosing to give credit where it was most likely due.

Alexei begins to sing in a loud and clear voice which is soon echoed by Helmut and even Michel's craggy voice.

"Non nobis Domine, non nobis Domine, sed nomini tuo da gloriam..."

1d10+13 → [7,13] = (20) OK, a bit better...boy would I like a nice 83 again...

1d10+13 → [3,13] = (16) Well...walk by faith, not by sight.

Alexei hits again, and Valerian misses again. Valerian begins cursing and drops his lance to the ground where it lands with a heavy thud. He turns to the judges and says "He cheated!" All of them shake their heads indicating they saw no evidence of cheating. An eruption of rage bellows forth from Valerian's throat and he disappears from the field.

Alexei is the winner of The Joust.

Alexei wheels the horse after the pass and is crossing himself and murmurs a quick prayer in thanksgiving. At Valerian's outburst his head wheels as if it was on a swivel. "You dare!" and starts trotting over, at the vindication of the judges Alexei calls out to Valerian. "Consider this a parting gift to dwell on Valerian, begone!" he shouts a moment after he disappears. After that he looks straight at Rotgers. "Did you see that? That was your moment flashing past you." he looks to the crowd and crosses his hand over his chest in salute and bows, allowing Michel to then assist him in dismounting. He immediately takes a knee and prays again.

"I thank thee Lord, for the strength and skill Thou leant me for this contest, my victory is yours alone for thine is the power, the might and the glory, Amen."

Fiona grins as she climbs onto the list field, helping Michel assist Alexei out of the saddle. After he kneels in prayer, she walks with him, trying to help support him if he lets her, and leads him toward where Korvin might be waiting to do the healing ritual (if I remember the discussion between rounds correctly).

[color=blue]"Once you're healed and well rested, Alexei, we should celebrate your victory," she whispers to him.

Accept you laurel wreath Alexei. We have until sundown to heal you.

Alexei seems reserved and at the same time ecstatic over his victory and receives his friends with enthusiasm. "Thank for the wound...I shall let it heal over time naturally. I earned it, I'll heal it and we'll save the vis, as God intended, it shall help me focus on the Lord for this victory. And you my friends, this victory is yours! Without your help I would never made it this far! I feel our fortunes are surely changing for the better!"

[color=blue]"I hope you will at least let me prepare something for your pain and to help you heal a little quicker," Fiona says.

"Yes my friend and I would greatly appreciate it so the wound heals proper. For now let us celebrate and cement our victory!"

Fiona grins. [color=blue]"I'm sure your friend will truly appreciate a thorough celebration when you're up for it. Just let me know when and where."

She spies a mopey-looking man standing politely off to one side.

[color=blue]"If you will excuse me, Alexei, it appears I have a visitor." She leans over to give him a kiss on the top of the head. [color=blue]"I will see you later."

((Posting this here, because I don't think there's enough to go into another thread.

Mons Electi places third, overall in the Tournament, behind Confluensis and Le Maison.
Confluensis earns the Siege of Valor. Le Maison earns the Siege of Normandy.
Marcus, on his own, due to winning the Dimicatio earns the Siege of Notatus.
The Siege of Shame falls to Novus Mane.
The Siege of Alms goes to a Theban Coenobium. They take 1 prize pawn, which the use to recover the cost of entry, the rest they gift to the covenants of Normandy who did not earn pawns, 6 of the remaning 11 pawns are given to Novus Mane, in effect, shaming the Tribunal. The rest are given to the two Normandy covenants who placed below them. Lapis Crudus and Florum, who didn't attend.

Mons Electi has 18 prize pawns. Prize pawns can be traded for a vis source 1 prize pawn =vis source # of pawns, to be harvested for the 7 years beginning Summer of 1228. Prize pawns can also be redeemed for books 1 pawn =# of build points. And also can be redeemed for vis 1 pawn=5 pawns of vis.

FYI Confluensis takes back the Intellego source from Marcus.

Great job team!
That's one prize pawn = 5 Build Points of books, right?
Tranquillina would certainly be interested in a new Corpus tractatus, if one is available. Otherwise she's happy to let others use the pawns as they wish (she doubts they'll want to trade them for vis, given their surplus).

Korvin would still like the Creo source but I am free for better ideas.

last time we took 1 vis source producing 4 pawns of Creo and another with 5 pawns of Corpus per year. the rest was in books and Alexei taking a chunk of Intelligo. We are low in An and Ig. Vim is very low at only 10 per year. We can trade for it but if anyone has plans they should speak up.

2 pawns = 10 Quality tractatus on Corpus
5 pawns = 5 pawn Tropaea of intelligo ?? or perdo or Creo

It might not happen anytime soon, but the next thing Tranquillina will use vis for is probably to re-up her talisman's capacity. So some Vim vis would be useful.

2 pawns = 10 Quality tractatus on Corpus
5 pawns = 5 pawn Tropaea of Vim
2 pawns = 10 quality tractatus on Vim << I think we are weak here. open to suggestions.
5 pawns = 5 pawn Tropaea of Animal << Might want to have some on stock. Not firm on this

(( Looking at the vis sheet, you guys are definitely low on Animal. Given that you're low on silver, and your money source is sheep, Animal might be nice to have on hand for improvements in that area. ))

My thoughts exactly. I'm trying to avoid making Korvin into a vis monkey. He could spend a year doing LR for redcaps and fill the storage areas with vis (slight exaggeration ) :stuck_out_tongue:

Went ahead and withdrew the 27 pawns of vis that Fiona paid for Alips's Longevity Ritual in Summer of 1225 (9 Rego and 18 Corpus), and lowered Fiona's back pay accordingly.

Also, don't forget that we have a thread dedicated to discussion of claiming our Tribunal prizes.

Moving discussion there :blush: