Horse of a different color

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Alexei receives some tips and coaching from Gunnar who is avidly watching the jousts when he hears the news about Rotgiers entering. He immediately gets up and heads to Ariel and her entourage. Once there he will bow. "My Prima...may I speak with you privately regarding one of our newer House members?"

Again, Alexei doesn't have a lot of time to get into extensive conversations about the contestants. Based on the bracket layout, Alexei would only meet Rotgiers in the final round. Maybe there's some player misunderstanding; Alexei isn't facing Rotgiers for his next match. The brackets are laid out for competitive matches for all contests, as much as possible.

"You acquitted yourself quite well against Santiago, Alexei. What can I do for you?

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((I understand regarding the time, but this was basically what Alexei wanted to talk about before the initial joust, he dropped it when he saw that Rotgiers wasn't in it))

"Thank you Ariel, Santiago is an honorable opponent, and improved since we last tilted. My concern is with Rotgiers. I'm not one to spread rumour nor whine about things. But now that he is in our House, his conduct reflects upon us. He was in Tremere at the last Tribunal and we met at the finals. I won...since I felt I didn't have to bring up his...actions; victory requited me. But during our match my parma resisted multiple spells, and he all but dared me to prove it. Also, a reliable source indicated that he had cast spells on the lance he used. Specifically it had a core of animal bone, to make it more lethal and harder to repel. His goal was my death. I can accept the results on the field, as God intended. But, as I said, his conduct now reflects on our House. I feel we should take steps to make sure he is following the rules. And as Prima, you can call him on this."

((Even if Alexei is Hoplite now, calling him out would be unseemly, something small and private might be better, or Ariel could just tell Alexei to Man Up))

((And meanwhile Fiona is fighting a brave certamen against him while Alexei whines about the last Tribunal, when he won :blush: ))

"What would you have me do, Alexei? she asks with some exaggeration. "He was sponsored in the House under the rules of admittance for Magi who have already completed a gauntlet. I cannot declare him Orbus simply because you don't like him. Alexei, we have many in our House who act with dishonor, some are more crafty about it than others. If I attempt to move against Rotgiers, what do you think Lucius and his allies would do in response?"

Alexei considers for a few moments and shrugs. "He might not have as many options considering all that has happened recently with some of his supporters in Tribunal. But in the end he cannot submit to the question if he chooses not to and of course we cannot scry upon him. I ask this...observe his jousts with a keen eye, look for strange results that shouldn't be happening. If I feel that my Parma has been tested I'll tap the cross on my tabard." he taps it twice to show the sign. "I must be careful myself, if it seems like I've accused him falsely it sullies my own honour."

"You presume much, Alexei. That Rotgiers will make it to the finale, and that you will make it to the finale. It is certainly possible if the previous Tribunal is any indication, but it is not certain."

Alexei smiles. "I might presume a bit my Prima, I might. I might also presume to say that you have perhaps become somewhat cynical. But I also presume to say...I shall give you something to believe in. Watch the joust my Prima, you shall believe in me." he turns to Michel who was standing by. "Come Michel, I have a joust to win."

Alexei heads back to the field where his horse awaits.

"Yes, go do that."

I can't post in Joust right now, so I'll ask my question here (the webfilter is particularly sensitive today for some reason several threads are closed to me). Lucius is the Flambeau that Alexei almost tried to get elected right?


I figured. I can't even open the joust thread right now, I'd like to see if there is any info that can be gathered regarding Lucius and his skill/tactics on the field. He's had to have made a joust or two today just as Alexei did. Anything spectacular, or just straight forward jousting as Alexei pretty much does? Alexei will ask various covenmates that have been watching. Has Alexei seen him joust?

Fiona has Per 0 and Ride (battle) 3. With a die roll of 6, which makes a possible total of 9, does she notice anything worth mentioning?

Lucius is perhaps better than Desiderius, or at least faced inferior opponents. He won all his matches in one pass, because his opponents were knocked off their mounts, and sustained severe injuries, and were unable to continue.

[color=blue]"Be careful, Alexei," Fiona warns. [color=blue]"This Lucius looks like he might be better than Desiderius. He's won all his bouts in one pass by unhorsing his foes. They've all been too severely injured to continue."

She takes a deep breath and exhales slowly as she thinks about the challenge Alexei faces. [color=blue]"Is there anything I can do to help?"

Alexei seems very serious as he listens. "Who were his opponents? Did you see the pass? What I am looking for is the trick...does he use one? If it's a straight joust I am not worried, I am as resilient as the Gift can make one. But as this is a Magi Joust there can be all kinds of tactics used. Myself, I merely enhance all aspects of my joust and it has served me well."

Fiona tells Alexei all of Lucius's opponents that she can recall (Int 1 + die roll of 9 = 10).

((Did she notice anything else in Lucius's jousts?))

That's the extent of Fiona's recollection. It's possible that Lucius was in a weaker bracket...

Alexei ponders for a few more moments before nodding and taking Fiona's huge hand and giving it a kiss. "Thank you...I have what I need, now it's time to win this game. As God intended." he bows and heads to his horse.

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