Horseback/Carriage Chase Rules

New FS2 GM here, starting my players out in the Ancient Juncture and wanted to set up a scenario a few sessions in where they have to chase down a carriage with mail or taxes or somesuch while on horseback (one of the characters is a steppe nomad Archer and would be sorely disappointed if I just stuck them all in a carriage of their own), and I'm struggling a little bit in how best to stat out the foes. For the carriage itself, I figure Acceleration and Handling should probably be slightly worse than the basic Horse; Frame isn't likely to matter (no horses were harmed in the making of this film) but I guess would fall in the 2-3 range (more than a snowmobile, less than a car). I'll offset the worse Acceleration with a Driving schtick, since the players with multiple horses will be at significant advantage in inflicting Chase Points, even if I throw in a couple of guards with the carriage.
However, when I go to look over Featured Foes with vehicles, they largely appear to come with inferior stats to those listed in the player-facing Driving chapter, for example the Sinister Bodyguard's Luxury Sedan at 2/4/6 (assuming this is Accel/Handling/Frame, don't think I saw that spelled out anywhere) vs. the player Luxury Sedan 8/7/7, so I'm not sure what to make of that? Can anyone give me some pointers so that I don't have to dry run an entire chase scene to see if the numbers work?

Edited to add: the Driver Attack rules also seem a little punishing for horseback fighting. I can buy taking some Chase Points (you lose some momentum to make the attack) but I might just waive the attack penalty entirely? Or even only apply the Chase Points if the attack fails.
Also worth noting that the players are pretty stacked on Driving. Gave the Archer a 13 in place of another skill, Bodyguard comes with a 13, and a third player is a kelpie-like Supernatural Creature so I was going to let her substitute Creature Powers in monster form.