Hotlink to Atlas

I'm surprised you don't have a hotlink to Atlas, one that looms large on the home page here.

The existing "Atlas Games" logo just takes us... right back here, to these forums.

You know, this site:

Hmmm ... good point. I'll pass it on to our Webmaster Wendy. :slight_smile:

Hi again. I asked Wendy, and as I suspected it's something that's not easily possible ... which explains why we haven't done it already. :wink:

Hmmm... not intuitive. I mean, I did it in my post above- how tough can it be?

But if you say so... :confused:

I asked Wendy about doing it as a text link instead of making the logo into the link ... she said both ways would be equally hard since they're hardcoded into the bulletin board software, instead of being part of an include file or something straightforward. Then she went ahead and figured out how to do it anyway ... you'll notice that the logo now goes to the Atlas Games website. :slight_smile:

Great idea :smiley:

Reassuring. Thanks for the effort on all parts. 8)