House and setting rules

  1. affinity and puissant abilities for abilities with (categories) will carry across all categories. Affinity for living language or affinity with dead language are mutually exclusive with linguist, but not with each other.
  2. aura variation rules will be used
  3. income variation rules will be used, with the following modifier: 1/2 the prevailing loyalty will be added to the die roll as more loyal people tend to put more effort into the job
  4. prevailing loyalty is modified as follows: rewards can only gain a total of +5 loyalty points, and every 2 years with no rewards will drop the bonus by 1 point. Loyalty points from altruism are lost at 1 point every 5 years, loyalty from reputation lasts only as long as the reputation itself does, similarly negative points for wounds, attitude or punishment are lost at the same rate points are gained for familiarity, but not while familiarity points are being gained.

spell mastery: custom target- this form of spell mastery allows the magus to define one extra target per level which does not take warping from having this spell cast on them.

house rule: when using an affinity I effectively use half points- on my own sheets I keep track of total amounts spent and then multiply by 1.5 instead of applying the modifier and rounding every time experience is earned. How you track it is a personal decision as long as we wind up in the same place.