House Diedne Blog updated

Just saw a new post has gone up on the House Diedne blog and it looks to be a good one so thought I'd mention it here -

cj x

Thanks for the mention CJ. My partner Toby has been hard at work!

Matt Ryan

(I just milked a cow. I work at an agricultural college. Two young women had a cow in a trailer and were offering to show people how to milk a cow as part as some bovine awareness program. I asked if I could just milk it without the lesson, to see if I remembered how to do. My uncle had a dairy farm, but I haven't milked a cow in 35 years. Well, milking a cow is just like riding a bike. Once you've learned how . . . )

I've just been reading and enjoying this post. Food for thought in there.

Actually, reading that back sounds like one of those potted "I agree with you, as you can see here [link to dodgy pharmaceuticals website]" posts you see all over dormant Q/A tech sites. In this case though, I really have been reading and enjoying that post and there really is food for thought in there.