House of Renunciation

Okay so I'm a bit confused about the House.

I get that the point of the House (and each of the rooms) is to completely reverse the beliefs or views or personalities or what have you of anyone who is brought into it. However, I have a few questions:

  1. I'm not totally clear on how one becomes an Agent. Is it that someone is brought into the room, experiences the resulting paradigm shift, and then becomes so enamored with their new outlook that they feel the need to convince others as well? And in doing so they understand the concept of the room itself?

  2. In the main book, it states that when an Archetype is ousted by the godwalker, they get put back into their mortal selves and kicked down to the House. Can I get some clarification on this? What room do they get? How does it affect them or anyone else entering it?

Thanks for the help.


I think you're right on how people become Agents of the room. Those who are changed, and become obsessed with replicating that change become Agents.

But as for Archetypes being hurled down, they don't go to to the House - they go to the gutters. They're just plunked down wherever they ascended, rejected and stripped of power. I don't know if they keep any memories of their time as Celestial Clergy, but I can't imagine they'd be very sane either way.

The core rules as Statosphere both talk about ousted Archetypes falling through the House of Renunciation - it means that their new mortal lives hold more or less the reverse ideals to their previous mortal lives, and are highly unlikely to challenge the new incumbent.