house position


we are about to rent a house however it is situated next to a house facing a t-junction and we're wondering if this is a good idea or not.

the road does have a nice curve in it, and I guess we could also plant something in the corner nearest the t-junction side - image available here

thank you

Chin-Woo taps his finger on the red X on the map for emphasis. "Johnny Tso's drug house is here, nestled right in amongst suburban neighbors with flamingos on their lawns and 2.3 kids - except he's got security cameras and 4.5 guards every hundred feet."

"Well, we have to get in, but how?" asked Candi Kwan in her strange hybrid Cantonese-Brooklyn drawl, as she craned her head around to look at the map over Chin-Woo's hand.

"Leave that, to me." crooned Slate McMurdoch smoothly, dressed as a high-class caterer, as he wheeled a concession cart into the room. He nonchalantly opened the cart's side to reveal a cache of automatic weapons and a grenade launcher. "Our catering service will make your pool party a blowout you'll never forget."

Li Wen grabs one of the M-5s and carefully looks it over before slamming the clip into place. And with every bit of seriousness in his deep baritone voice growls "I hope we're bringing barbecue... Cause I plan on making the kill slaw."

// HAHAHA kill slaw, oh god that was awful, so fitting! =D

Sadly, it wasn't mine. It was from The Critic. Along with one of my other favorite one liners after a cop smashes a guy's head into a file cabinet that then has a door open up "File him under 'G'... for garbage."

Oh my, I just realized this may have been a legitimate but confused post about Feng Shui, the Eastern philosophy of the flow of energy and all that, the name upon which this site for the Feng Shui roleplaying action game is based. I'm a little slow sometimes. The OP has the wrong Feng Shui site, I'm afraid.

If that's the case they're probably spamming Feng Shui message boards... If that's the case I'm still making the kill slaw.

They did helpfully provide a simple adventure seed starter though complete with red X and street layout. Can't beat that.

And what about that deliciously sinister 'District 8'? If that's not an arcanolab, I'll eat my hat.

It is very significantly obvious in its total nondescript blankness that practically screams, "There's nothing unusual going on here, consumer!"

Suddenly Officer Barbrady appears on the scene: "Nothing to see here people, move along, move along."

It would be kind of fun to see different people take just this map and write up an outline for a scenario around it. The house with the X on it, the ominous District 8, etc.

I may have to actually do this and see what I can come up with. I'm kind of in need of a good idea for my next run, I'm spinning my wheels on my current ideas.