House Rule: Creature Size and Melee Damage

Hello, all.

I've made a house rule Size table for our saga that sets base damage figures for creature melee attacks that scale up or down with the creature's size. I've also redistributed how Fatigue and Body levels are deducted from larger than human creatures. The latter definitely contradicts some published creatures (e.g. 4th ed. Medieval Bestiary) but I feel my system is more logical in terms of game mechanics. Please take a look and let me know if you have any feedback.

Are you getting rid of Str/Qui modifiers for Size?

This might seem like a silly question, but what edition of AM is this for?

An elk's bite does +20 damage? I think that something might be off with these damage modifiers...

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Not to mention the elephant bite having a +25 damage modifier.
Now, elephants can be dangerous to be certain, but I have never heard of them biting someone to death.

But even if one assumes that the damage columns are only valid for creatures that actually have that kind of attack, there are lots of oddities in that table.

For one thing, larger creatures should not automatically have more fatigue levels. How quickly creatures get tired does not have much to do with their size.

Yeah, I'd treat the elephant tusks as piercing horns rather than a bite, and a tail swipe from an elephant probably won't inflict +35 damage... Otherwise, my next talisman will be an elephant tail giant-swatter.

Those of you not addressed by @ name below:

Did none of you notice the heading "Examples" above all the listed creatures? Or did you botch your Scribe Language (English) rolls? I simply took creatures listed as examples of a given size (in either 3rd or 4th ed.) and listed them for the same purpose in my table. So, no, an elephant doesn't bite for +25 damage, but an elephant sized crocodile or bear would. And I personally think "piercing horns" covers tusks for game mechanics purposes.

Some of you lot are entirely too reluctant to discuss the nuts and bolts of the game itself as opposed to the setting, to the point I'm not sure you're capable of it sometimes.

@InfinityzeN Troy, this is for 4th, and a beginning of our saga's efforts to compensate for the dearth of published information on designing your own creatures in the ArM system.

@callen, No I had not planned getting rid of those modifiers but I will remember that might be another aspect that needs tweaked. It just bugged me that. across editions of ArM (and within the same edition) there are similar creatures of the same or adjacent size ratings that have vastly different damage amounts for the same attack.

I also think that there is something odd with those numbers but I also heard that a strike with an elephant trunk (the nearest thing to a tail attack) can decapitate a human being, so...

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