House Rules and Rulings

To begin with the key of the game- the Prestige system
everyone begins with 7 prestige points.
Magi cost 4 prestige
Mythic Companions cost 3 prestige
Companions cost 2 prestige
Grogs cost 1 prestige

When a character leaves the game the player regains prestige points based on their final level.
A gifted companion who is an apprentice and makes it through the apprenticeship leaves as a mage, gaining 4 prestige where 2 had been invested.
"ascending" in any form (i.e. not dying or going into twilight) is worth 5 points- so if a magus becomes a daimon the player gains 5 points.
Magic and Faerie characters will be based on the "equivalency with "mage equivalent" being considered a mythic companion- so if you have a might 3 Magic "grog" develop into a might 30 magic "magus" they will be worth 3 prestige points when retired.

Grogs for group play designated 'redshirts' can be designed at any time with no prestige cost, but may be claimed by anyone who wishes to spend the prestige.

Wards and Aegeis:
Wards which specify form and realm (for example, ward against faeries of the woods ReHe) do not subtract their level for calculating penetration.
Wards which specify only one of these (generally realm-for example ward against demons ReVi) do subtract the spell level from penetration.
The Aegis does not need to penetrate.

Covenfolk loyalty bonus/penalty is added to rolls for change in wealth production.

Blood of Heroes Free virtue may be taken by a Mythic Companion without having to be a redcap.

following the guideline for dwarves in ROP:faeries, craft puissance or affinity does not need to specialize- it applies to all crafts.

I am adding a new effect for spell mastery- church ritual. This does not actually make the spell Holy Magic, but it allows you to use Christianized names and symbols so you appear to be working sacred magic, and thus avoid persecution by mobs if you openly cast the spell.

Book quality may be improved by Scribes, Illuminators, and bookbinders in keeping with the rules for exceptional quality in City and Guild.

All mages finish their gauntlet with 2 tokens, unless there is a strong reason to determine otherwise.

Apprentices may take the educated virtue as early as age 8, due to the tribunals educational system for future apprentices. Those over age 11 may also take either warrior or arcane lore

Per vote of the players,[strike]all post apprenticeship pre game advancement will be earned at 30xp/season, flat rate, with no option for seasonal advancement.[/strike] characters will be allowed to advance seasonally, with the player having access to either 1 powerful library for their entire advancement or one weak covenant library every 7 years with the ability to change libraries after each tribunal.