House Rules Concerning Exploding Dice

One thing I've never understood about Ars Magica (in this edition or any of the previous ones): Why is '1' good, but '10' bad?

If 3 is better than 2, then 2 should be better than 1. Seems logical to me.

So one of my house rules has been 1 = potential botch and 10 = double.

Now I'm considering a second house rule on this subject.

10 no longer produces exploding doubles. Instead keep each 10, then roll again. Every time you roll a new 10, keep it and roll again...

So a roll of 10, 10, 10, 3 would be 10+10+10+3 = 33 instead of 2x2x2x3 = 24. Of course, 10+10+10+9 = 39, but 2x2x2x9 = 72...

It seems to smooth out the results a little bit, give a possibility of higher than a standard simple die, but not nearly as wild a result on some of the more unlikely rolls...

Opinions, thoughts, flames(?!?) are all welcome... :slight_smile:

Ummm... because there is no "10" on many d10's, only 0-9?

This lowers the average roll, as now you can follow a "double" only by 1-9, not 2-10. But whatever floats yer boat.

Again, more math changes, and again, whatever.

Myself, the only similar Houserule I have (because rolling an exploding dice followed by a low number is depressing) is that an exploding dice always gives a result of at least a final value of "10". Roll a 1,4? 10. 1, 1, 2? = 10. 1, 1, 1, 2 = 16, so don't complain. Beyond that, never worried about it (but I've never seen a roll of over 1000 either.) I'd just cap it if I were worried about that, but my players ~tend~ to be "reasonable" on such things.

As a matter of fact the dice system you use rekres is more akin to Cyberpunk or a french games called "Agone". and it is less math heavy but tend to lower the final result of lucky rolls.

It's a matter of taste mainly :wink:

We've discussed exploding dice in our troupe...

While we like the idea of "rolling again" and can't deny the obvious glee in potentially getting to roll a third or fourth time, we don't like the disappointment of rolling 1 followed by 2.

Our solution (which we don't currently use as it means heading further into house-rule territory) is to treat a roll of 1 as a 10 and then roll again. On the subsequent roll each number is as printed with the exception of 0 which is counted as 10.

It might not be as exciting but it ensures that your second roll is worth making.

I had some exploding dice once, set them around the edge of the vault door and set them off, BOOM!!! Hiested seven thousand electrum pieces.

Oh wait, wrong game...