House Rules discussion

I'd like to see more world development, and NPC-integration into our stories. References to persons we've interacted with, places we've been, etc. In order to simulate this, I was thinking that we should implement the Correspondence XP rules from Covenants.

This led me to a series of other thoughts:

  • Every PC should have a named parens, listed on their character sheet. Further, wouldn't it make sense for lineage to be indicated by adoptive surnames? Whether or not Viscaria likes to be acknowledged at the filia of Norbert Gunthar, wouldn't she be known throughout the order as Viscaria Gunthar? Why this whole "filia this, ex that" nonsense?

  • Determining who you've previously corresponded to, and how many letters you write, can be a fun part of world-generation, but possibly overly taxing on the paperwork.

What do you all think?

Why are the magi known as filius, filia, and ex whatever? I'll tell you. I don't know. But it's a tradition!

I'll have to re-read it, but I seem to remember liking it when I first read it.

I like it. Plus, it might introduce subplots and over-arcing storylines into the saga, too.

Overall, yes!!! Good ideas, especially as we've all made some mesure of effort into this, it'd be a shame to have these backstories be wasted away. I mean, all of us already have a pater/mater, and usually even more!

We can keep notes to a minimum. For correspondance, when doing seasonnal advancment, we just need to write alongside something like "Viscaria corresponds with Norbert about Magic Theory". This is pretty light. We can also introduce more things, such as "Viscaria writes to Norbert, asking if he knows of a covenant or magus that might be interested in trading lab texts".

For the lineage, this means that Norbert Gunthar was the filius of, say, David Gunthar, filius of Clea Gunthar? Why not. I prefer the "Viscaria, filia Norbert Gunthar" thing myself, but this is a trivial matter.