House Rules

These are the house rules for this saga:

Seventh Magnitude
It takes a spell of the 7th Magnitude or higher to cause Warping. The seventh magnitude is also considered an important milestone amongst magi. Archmagi will not consider a challenge from a magus seriously unless they have invented at least one original spell or enchantment of the 7th magnitude or higher. Newly gauntleted magi may not start with spells of the 7th magnitude or above.

Puissant Virtue
Where the Virtue can cover a number of variations (Craft, Profession, Area Lore, etc.), Puissant will give a bonus to all uses of the Ability in question.

Getting ACs FIxed
There are magi out there who will spend a season fixing an AC for 4 vis each (1 vis for the fixing, 3 vis for their time). So anyone can get an AC fixed for 4 vis. It's assumed that you know relatively trustworthy people who can do it.

House rules posted. Please let me know what I might have missed.

Until a proper covenant is set up on Atlantis, I will continue to use the character creation rules for seasonal advancement, except for the adventure rules. Those are trumped by the actual game running. You will be limited by the libraries you chose previously, including the tractatus that you've already used.

After that, we'll figure out exactly what the new covenant has and proceed normally from there.

Are the rules from city and guild and/or artes and academe going to be used, in whole or in part?

I have to admit that those are some of the rules I'm least familiar with. Which particular rules are you curious about. I can take a look at them and get back to you.

I'm always curious about the craft rues from City and guild and the excellent quality craftsmanship rules (and potentially wondrous items) as well as the rules for ligatures and formulae in artes and academe, but what I was specifically wondering about at this point was the rules for artistic reputations. We should probably also clarify if the rules for splitting a teaching SQ from Artes and Acadame should be used as well...

Added a rule about getting ACs fixed. Not exactly a House Rule and more a background fact about the saga. But this seemed the best place to note it.