House rules

This is not a complete list yet and will be added to as needed.

  1. Increase the level of all DEO-like spells by +10. These spells destroy inherent vis along with the target.
  2. Spells can affect targets size 2 like targets size 0.
  3. The Vis learning rules are different: More than 1 pawn of vis can be used for learning. However, for each pawn a die has to be rolled. If one of them (or more) comes up 0, you must once check for a catastrophe: roll a number of dice equal to the number of pawns used: Any zero indicates a catastrophe of some kind (explosion, twilight, demon appears,...)
  4. Books can be made with one skill (Profession: scribe) that has several specialisations. Books cannot normally become better by binding them in a fanciful way. There are exceptions but these are truly spectacular and are not easily achieved by PCs.