House Rules

The thread for discussions regarding house rules for this Saga.

Can I get some clarification on how we will handle wards spells? I was reading the thread, and now feel a mite confused. :confused:

Well the main issue RAW: Do wards need to penetrate?

IMHO it is slightly askew - a passive ward keeping creatures at bay needing to actively penetrate the magic resistance?

On the other hand, if you didn't need the penetration, a ward would be more powerful than designed to be.

Thus, the balance of penetrating the magic resistance for a ward's magic to even affect a creature, with the lvl of the ward to keep it at bay will be kept in this saga.

If we cast a ReVi ward against demons spontaneously with a casting total of 15, and penetration ability of 2, can we decide after rolling that the ward level is 8 and the penetration 9? It makes sense to keep the ward level and the penetration roughly equal.

Yes as mentioned in the thread that would be a fair re-distribution (unless you have chaotic magic, which takes precedence)

Here is the suggested path of advancement for the Terram Cult, as well as the Initiation Scripts.

I might fumble some with the last three still though, as I write stuff in...


So hum... is everybody ok with these first Scripts?

I read the book a bit, but i don´t own it nor know enough to comment on your scripts.


Yup Yan, they seem fine :slight_smile: