House Rules

Confidence points - allow a re-roll.
Burn them as you like. You can re-roll a re-roll if you wish. You get them back after a story is completed.

There is no Parma Magica skill
Other creatures still have Magical Resistance (MR), humans in the Empire of Hermes do not.

Starting stats
The starting stats for Magi from the core rules still apply even though the setting has changed significantly.
All people start with the language they were raised speaking for free.

[size=150]Virtues and Flaws[/size]

  • The rules for max story flaws, max and min virtues & flaws by type apply, so please check your toons are working correctly.
  • Wealth - can be taken by Magi. Yes, that allows them all those benefits too, and as such their character backgrounds need to cover this aspect of the character in detail.
  • Elementalist (Hermetic)
    During character generation the player adds 1/5th the xp on Arts of the elements to their elemental scores. i.e. If the player spends 100 xp on Arts which are elemental, then they get a free boost of 20 extra exp in each.