House Tytalus - What do they think of God & Christianity?

So, this is something I couldn't find in their section in Societates. What is the Tytali's philosophical stance? I know they're all very much enjoy opposing each other but, I wonder if there was any indication on what they thought.

As you noted, it doesn't really say anything in the books about their opinion on Christianity.
So this likely means it will vary from magus to magus (just like in most other Houses), with no unified view of the House on this. (Tytali magi can rarely come to a consensus about anything else, why would this be any different?)

I suspect that among those members of house Tytalus who are Christian there will be a lot who have somewhat unorthodox, not to mention heretical, views on various things.

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They're conflicted about it.


Yep, I can see House Tytalus spawning the entire spectrum of perception on Christianity. I can think of at least 7 archetypes within the House I can think of, that fit particularly well the House:

  • An hardcore pagan wishing to tear down the church;
  • Those who see the church as a repressive institution proping up the laws of men, but who may or may not make fighting it their focus;
  • Those who pay lip service because it is socially useful, but otherwise don't care;
  • The christians with a relatively heretical viewpoint;
  • Those who see Jesus as a model insurgent (except perhaps the part where he sacrifices himself);
  • The few who see the divine as closest to the laws of nature they are meant to embody (mostly Hippians);
  • The leper magi whose relationship with the Divine is driven by their curse, and probably manifests as either extreme anger, or repentance.

That's ... not exactly unique to the matter though :wink:

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I mean literally if you read through the section on the Titanoi even they are conflicted about it and it is pretty clear their origins were infernally tainted.

These are all pretty good ideas! I had realised that Hippians would most likely have a more generous view of the divine as opposed to most other Tytali - simply because they're more inclined to unwritten laws. Thank you for the response btw!