Houses of Hermes Hardbacks

Will AG reprint the hardback Houses of Hermes? It is sad that new players cant get the beautiful hardback editions of the books :slight_smile:

I kind of wish Atlas would roll all the houses into one big HoH book, with a bit of revision. True Lineages really shows that it was the first HoH book with its less refined layout.

John Nephew has, in the past, explained that Atlas' printer doesn't offer hardcover bindings on short digital runs and it isn't economical to do a full reprint for the supplements since each run takes so long to sell, taking up valuable warehouse space.

That said, with the recent appearance of Ars Magica products (albeit, not 5E) on DrivethruRPG, perhaps that might be changing in future since that site does offer a PoD service that is, apparently, capable of handling hardcover books.

Thank you Gremlin!