Houses of Hermes Primus Game

Campaign Title: Houses of Hermes
System: Ars Magica, but very rules light - more background
Players Wanted: 13+
Posting Rate: Weekly
Combat Rules: Not likely to be an issue :slight_smile: Adjudicated by SG
Dice-Rolling Rules: I will make all rolls
Advancement Rules: Probably don't need character sheets that often but by year. (weekly)
Special Rules: Although players will be encouraged to create character sheets as each represent the Primus of one of the Houses, and the game deals more with grand strategy and intrigue, it will be fairly freeform. The SG will provide situations and the players are then encouraged to scheme among themselves.
Each of the Primus characters and the houses will be based upon the Ars Magica 5 canon, so a good knowledge of the HOH series would be useful.
Deadline: When you want all PC info to be in.
Campaign Description:
I'm looking for 12 players interested in participating in a top down view of Mythic Europe. Each will create a very experienced magi to represent the canonical House leaders, and each will then be in control of a House, except the house Ex Misc Primus who will be trying to be in control of a House, and the Tytalans (See HOH:Societas).

If interested please pm me.