Houses of Hermes: Societates Out of print?

Am I right in thinking that "Houses of Hermes: Societates" is out of print?

I can't find a copy anywhere, and the games stores I have queried have all said they can't get a copy,

Is there any likelihood of a rerun in the near future?

It's listed as out of print on Warehouse23. It is available as a pdf on e23. There is a used copy selling on Amazon for just under a thousand dollars. I think it may be a typo. That book's definitely worth five figures, better snatch it up quick. :wink:

Regrettably, several 5th edition resources (including HoH: S) are currently OoP.

Reprints are, apparently, in the works but it's not clear exactly when that will be...

Mmmm, and that was six months ago...

Maybe the pdf option is the best route (certainly better than spending $1,000 on a copy anyway!),

Thanks for your help guys,

I managed to obtain copies from all "essential" out of print books, but I had to order a few in the USA and a few in Germany. I think it would be good for the game if the HoH books stay available, but I don't think anything has changed regarding the upfront cost of such a reprinting operation (which can be slow to recoup, if at all).

If you really want it in hardcover before it's reprinted, ebay is a good place to look. Out of print books come up on there all the time.

I have been looking, and will continue to do so, but Societates seems pretty thin on the ground there,

Heh. On abebooks it's currently listed for 1468 dollars. Someone must've noticed the price on amazon and upped the ante. :open_mouth:

If this sells, I may sell my author's copies and use the money to go to Grand Tribunal US. 8)

Good plan! Heh, I think there's a copy of Societates in the prize raffle, so you could break even...

I just looked at Troll & Toad - my absolute favorite webshop since I found my near mint condition 1st ed Ars Magica book there - but sadly they don't have Societates.

Infinity Games UK seem to be getting it soon, but it's OoS right now. But I dunno where the OP asking for this lives, so maybe he doesn't want to get it from UK. As a native Denmark, of a small country with few good rpg shops (most of then ruined by web shopping), I often get my things from UK or USA.

I suddenly feel a little better about my habit of snapping up each book of the AM5 line as soon as it comes out, against my normal tight-fisted ways.

Salvete, Sodales!

I don't know where in this world you live, but a quick search gave three options here in Germany, and I assume that international delivery will be possible (and certainly less expansive than the offers listed above): ... 6de8b0e534 ... 005&sr=1-2

I hope I could help,

Alexios ex Miscellanea

UK, and I've had an email alert on IGUK for a while now with no movement,

That could be helpful - many thanks!

Just have to brush up on my German...

It's being reprinted (along with HoH: Mystery Cults and City and Guild) in softcover, and is expected to ship to distributors this month.

Awesome. Now I have to go buy HoH: Mystery Cults and Societies when they come out!!

I'm happy to report that we are expecting all three (along with a run of 50 more copies of The Broken Covenant of Calebais) to be delivered to our warehouse in the middle of this week.