Houses of Hermes: Societates

Please sir, may I have some more?

Really, I am seriously jonesing for Societates info. Such as...
When will we see some cover art?
When will we see an intro?
Is it on time?

I could ask Erik but I do not know the conditiones (do you like the Latin spelling?) of his NDA. But he IS playing a Flambeau in my game, hmmmmmm.....

As sympathetic as I am to your eagerness, as I understand the NDA, we (the authors) can't tell you anything at all. Only David (or other Atlas staff: John, Michelle, maybe Jeff Tidball) can speak about unpublished material.

City & Guild has a minor bit of information.

Wondrous Items , page 70 :

Real Soon Now. It's done; I've seen it. It just needs someone at the Atlas offices to have time to upload it.

Not quite as soon.

It seems to be. But until it actually comes back from the printers, delays of just about any length are possible.

Yeah, that's why I did not even send Erik that email.
BTW, he has the coolest velcro hat.

I totally agree. 5th edition reinspired my love for this game. Refreshing my mind by revisiting 4th edition supplements nearly quashed it again. ArM5 rulebook and True Lineages provides more clarity and richness on the Order of Hermes and Mythic Europe than my entire (50%+ complete) 3rd & 4th edition library.

Alas for budgetary constraints, or I'd already have enough ArM5 reading material to keep me busy for the next year.

It may be a while before Wendy gets to uploading the cover, so in the interests of not making everyone wait, I dropped a copy here:

What's with this obsession with covers? Just drop a pdf sample of the entire document somewhere :wink:

[size=75]it's not like I wouldn't buy the thing anyway, pdfs are great for reference but rubbish for reading in the bath[/size]

That's nice of you to send usa copy of the cover. Before reading this tread, i was in doubt concerning those 4 societas within the order (i already got the 2 other house books). But now i just want to know more. I really hope the gruagashan (or someting close to it) are included in the book.



House Ex Miscellanea

This is the part i will be looking forward to reading.

I hope there are at least suggestions for playing actual hedge wizards who have been forced in to the order even though they aren't fully Hermetic. Perhaps as companions or mythic companions.

All my favoured houses together in a book. Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

I like the mentioned revamp of the Flamberaus. There was an article in that (UIIRC) pointed in thatr direction, separating the flambeaus from pyromaniacs. Heck, in 200 years of OoH I doubt there would be forests left in ME if the flambeaus were so flame-prone. :stuck_out_tongue:

The ex miscellanea look good. Let's see what we have there :slight_smile:

The tytalus do not have enough spoilers to know if they were changed much. I hope not since they were already a pretty consistent house as they were.



Jerbiton will be the new Ventrue. :smiling_imp:

If they are, I will declare a crusade against them IMS.


Um, no...Ventrue are conservative, right? In the old recycling of archetypes that WW used ot do, these were the Brujah as I recall.

Go back far enough and I think you'll find Ventrue were more like the new Jerbiton...

I agree. Of course it now appears that the Jerbiton will continue to be torreadorish as they have been for some time.

(I didn't write that bit! How did it get into my message? I don't think House Jerbiton are particularly like the Toreador anyway, with possible individual exceptions)

Do we know yet when in April this is going to be available?

I'm so excited to get Tytalus and Ex Misc!

We haven't seen a message on the front page that it has gone to the printers yet.

This could mean either that the Atlas folks neglected for some reason (such as being too busy) to post the good news on their front page, or that they haven't yet sent the book to the printers.

If it's the second option I don't think that we'll see the book in April at all.

Too bad...I would have liked to have seen the TOC put up early. The feeding frenzy of wild speculation is one of my favorite parts of a new book release.

From the front page: