Houses of Hermes: Societates


I'm waiting this book for a year, two weeks or even a month more will not change my willingness to buy it when it goes out. :wink:

Yeah, me too :laughing:

I was very much looking forward to getting my hands on it in April.

Four months without a new ars book!! I've taken to purchasing exalted just to keep the shakes under control.


I just bought the Exalted Core Book to alleviate my hunger for new ars magica books :laughing:

I am so sad about the delay, I have to express it in blog.

John Nephew has just mentioned, in a post about Unknown Armies, that Societates went to the printers yesterday.


I am sure the brief delay was because you wanted to make sure it was extra good.

Must be one o' dem cereemoaneyal castin's.


cookycoo* the loch croite (I am sure I misspelled that) saga is taking hold of your keyboard accent! Be careful there :stuck_out_tongue:


  • gonna love that naming mechanism

And there was much rejoicing. :smiley:

and dancing in the street!

and had I had a firstborn... :smiling_imp:

Will a sneak peek will be available ?

You have your answer:


Btw, he also said the next book would be the normandy tribunal book :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The table of contents is now available.

Illusions, gifted companions, House Flambeau Acclaim, herbalism, more craft magic, Flambeau contests, Tytalus Gaunlets (ouch), the Envied Beauty flaw, Sahirs, good manners among magi, Whistling up the wind, Leper Magi (it's a virtue :confused:) ...

I want it now. :cry:

Indeed. I was merely curious before. Of course I'd get it, but now... now I want.

I'm especially happy to see the tools to design supernatural ability from scratch. That's exactly the kind of thing that make me stick with Ars Magica (and many Atlas-Games). They don't want you to wait and buy for the next .5 books. They just give you some tools that fit into the edition and thrust your intelligence and creativity.

Just 30 more days...


From the authors' bios it may be possible to infer who wrote what.

Though of course I can't confirm or deny anything. NDA and all that. :smiling_imp:

We generally end up knowing who wrote what. In general it is more an issue of human curiosity than anything dealing with blaming anyone (at least for me!) so consider yourself safe :wink: