How about two weapons?

I have a character with two handguns, wich rules do i aply? And with two swords?

There are no concrete benefits for wielding two weapons (except for the increase in ammo capacity with guns), so there aren't any concrete penalties either. The only exception would be if a character with the Both Guns Blazing schtick used it in an attack in which case you'd apply the rules in its description.


No special rules, no advantage or disadvantage, other than two guns means more ammo.

BGB is pretty useless, IMO and only useful against Named Characters in any case.

BGB works for melee weapons (see Weapon Schticks in Golden Comeback). So use that for TWF or dual-wield or whatever.

And there are at least two situations where BGB is useful against unnamed characters:

  1. If you have more than three schticks in BGB, you get an AV bonus, which helps against mooks.

  2. If having a weapon in each hand inspires you to create a more interesting stunt or describe a particularly impressive attack, then the GM may give you a bonus to your roll.

You're better off with Carnival of Carnage/Symphony of Slaughter against mooks anyway.

As far as the latter, you can get that without any schticks in BGB at all.

Oh definitely. Most BGB jobs in the movies are done on mooks anyway, like the spectacular both-guns-blazing takedown of the fat guy at the pulpit from The Killer's church shootout, or the Mariachi's draw-from-the-sleeves takedown of the first guy in the Tarasco Bar shootout in Desperado.

Heck, if you want to get technical about it, you don't even need Carnival of Carnage if you're trying to kill mooks both-guns-blazing-style while still keeping the three-shot action. If you're cutting down a whole lot of them at high speed (like with Mariachi's bar walk during the Tarasco Bar shootout from Desperado or John Preston's hyperkinetic gunkata sequences in Equilibrium), THEN you're going to need Carnival of Carnage.

I can't find this. Got a page reference?

Page 60, left-hand column.

A-ha! Cleverly hidden in the chapter that's not about schticks!


Don't forget to order a supply of white doves, though - they'll be essential.

[color=darkblue]Not that anyone asked, but my thoughts on BGB...

Firstly, there's no way it should start at a -2 penalty. Firing at two different targets incurs a -2 AV normally; firing at the same target with BGB should certainly be easier. So, the first schtick for BGB begins at -1 AV. This gives subsequent schticks a better bonus, making the entire gimmick more worthwhile.

Secondly, if you don't want to decrease the AV penalties and prefer to keep it as written, you can instead add a bonus feature. When blasted with both barrels in movies, opponents have a tendency to rock backwards and spin and grimace. So perhaps from someone who has 3+ schticks in BGB, a successful hit on a named target causes that bad guy to lose a Shot while he staggers back from the impact. Gives you an advantage without tweaking damage or AV bonuses.

Thirdly, BGB has no effect on Unnamed as it stands. You could allow anyone with any schticks in BGB to take down a single mook on an Outcome of 4+. (Blasting a goon with two .45's in the sternum is way more effective than popping them with one...)

Good suggestion. Then again, I'm tempted to make shotguns (at least in the hands of named characters and PCs) take down mooks on a 4+ - after all, they are the traditional weapon for blasting mooks when used by unskilled characters ... "Here, take this, point this end at the bad guy, pull the trigger, bad guy goes away" - after all, 00 buck at close range is effectively shooting someone with half a clip of 9mm ...

[color=darkblue]HOLY CRAP! :open_mouth:

Landmine, until you said something, I never realized that I was allowing shotguns to take out mooks on 4+!

Somehow, in my brain, the asterisk notation for doing +1 damage with the "Ka-chink" effect translated into also taking out mooks more easily, for just the reason you stated.

When a PC steps around the corner and growls, "You... you killed my dog," and ka-chinks the shotgun... well, what mook has a chance in hell of making it out of there, really?

I never realized I'd automatically house-ruled that sucker in my head. Weird.

That's how I've always done it too. Also on a semi-related note, with double barreled shotguns, I say why not let those work with Both Guns Blazing? It certainly gives a tangible benefit in exchange for the low ammo capacity, and besides "givin' 'em both barrels" is another fine trope of the genre.


"with double barreled shotguns, I say why not let those work with Both Guns Blazing?"

[color=darkblue]Ooo, I like the way this man thinks... :smiley:

grin Same thought had crossed my mind, but I was away from the PC at the time, so I was going to include it in my (yet to type up) stats for the classic "sawn-off double 12 gauge", as used by everyone from Mad Max to El Mariachi. "Both Barrels Blazing" is definitely stylistically appropriate, and almost makes up for the fact that you're then going to have to reload both ...

By my house rules, double and single barreled breach loaders take only two shots to reload, so that problem can be overcome by taking three schticks in Lightning Reload (Killers, Ex-Specs, and Maverick Cops could even take a schtick or two in BGB); plus, you'll never run out of ammo for them. Another favorite weapon of mine are sawn-off elephant guns (14**/3/2; in case you were wondering). There's nothing quite like .70 of high velocity lead to ruin a mook's day.


True. And the image of a sawn-off in each hand, coat flapping in the breeze from the burning car behind, is a fine one for the unnecessarily macho hero!

Congratulations, you now win the "utterly gratuitous" award! grin In which case I recommend you watch the film Wonder Seven - it features a character who appears to be wielding a pair of Automag Mk III pistols.

I know Wonder 7 well. In fact, it's a wonder I don't own it. My favorite bit is when one of the team dies and their touching tribute to the fallen comrade involves blowing him up as he plummets from a cliff on his beloved motorcycle. And of course the whole montage takes place with a cheesy Cantopop ballad playing in the background.

Of course for gratuitousness, it's hard to beat the time Helen Saunders (a Killer I once played in a one-shot) broke out a 25mm Barrett semi-auto (from beneath her trenchcoat no less) to take out a car that was trying to run her down.


Yep, it's a proper 'funeral montage' sequence - especially with the flashbacks to scenes that preceded the film ... Of course, I like the fight on the helicopter, where the crane cable holding it up is clearly visible. Although the 'former instructor' character deserves kudos for his heroic outfit ...

A 25mm Barrett under a trenchcoat? Even their .50cal bullpups are about fifteen feet long! Reminds me of the Russian assassin's coat in Gunsmith Cats