How big are regions

Exactly as the title says, How large are magical regions? Like an average regio size i geuss.

The singular is regio.

They are as large as needed for your story - they are story devices.

I know, i though i used it correctly. "Like an average regions size i geuss" wouldn't make much sense. i felt i needed to say Regio in there once to avoid confusion (region is a rather common word)

and thank you. my proposed size seemed large to me but i wanted to have enough room to have un explored areas and miltiple towns of the sentient inhabitants. It's regio about a third the size of Sicili in the middle of France.

That's unusually large.

It is. But again, if it is good for the story.

The smallest we have used was arouind 1 pace in diameter. The largest covered the whole city of Aachen. I am sure there are larger regiones :slight_smile: A lot of regiones are not equally big inside and outside as well.


ok i messed up my geustimation, (i google maps'ed and used the scale bar to geuss) turns out Sicily is 9925 square miles and the region is about 800 but still it would take the better part of a day to take the river across it.

but seriously what size is average?

Ther eis no such thing as an average region. At least not IMS....


Ok, i can accept that. I just didn't know if it was published some where i didn't know about.

Am i at least correct in that most regio's get smaller as you go up in aura level? (there are probably exceptions to this bu tit that mostly what people think?)

Depends. There is at least one published region that I can think of (Cad Gadu) that gets BIGGER the more you go up the regio. It is a realm of pure magic, so you can work all the normal rules (including those for regios) upside down and nobody will be able to complain. it is a regio! :slight_smile: They are special, even into themselves


I don't think there is such a thing as an average because each saga is going to be different. If you look at the published material, especially Mythic Places and More Mythic Places, they vary widely from a single well to a large battle field. I would say that the size of a town is on the large size in my experience, but it's not out of the realm of believability.

What he should have said is the plural is "regiones."

No, there´s no reason why they couldnt get larger and larger or vary small-large-small or anything else you can think of...

And unusually large isnt "TOO large".

I dont recall exactly but i think the largest i´ve played in was something between 2020km and 3030km, uneven in size so hard to say how large area, in size. And with totally zero consistency with the outside of the regio, and with lots of entries and exits, allowing anyone with the right knowledge the ability to take shortcuts through it. With several entrances being inside a small city, common people finding out about the shortcuts and appearing the regio became a rather funny nuisance.

Was just about to add that... :mrgreen:
Regio and regiones.

While regios (or regiones, whatever) are precisely the size that fits the story, if you're looking for examples in canon I think most are fairly small, from a room to a cathedral or so in size. And yes, I believe most get smaller with level. But this is just my impression, I may be remembering wrong. And again, as others said, this says nothing - regios are as large as you want them to be, and can get larger or smaller as you wish too.

I once had an infinitely-sized regio. It was The Infinity Library, based on The Library of Babel story by Jorge Luis Borges. It contained an endless labyrinth of identical rooms, each stacked with books containing random text. You navigated it using Enigmatic Wisdom and Library Lore, allowing you to reach the few useful books, many of which written by authors who never really existed. This meant the librarians had lots of power...

Really, regiones can be anything. Anything you think is cool.