How can a magus travel to/from the Magic Realm ?

I've recently re-read the rules for traveling in Arcadia and the Magic Realm both, and while everything seems rather clear for Arcadia, I am getting serious problems about understanding travel to and from the Magic Realm (but even travel within the Realm itself is not terribly clear to me, either). How the £$%& is a magus supposed to be able and travel between the Magic Realm and the mundane world under his own power, so to speak ?

Let me learn Enigma's Gift and i'll show ya :slight_smile:

Gain a Magic Might score, then you can invent special spells to transport you to the Magic Realm. Other than that, you need to find a level 10 regio or some already existant portal.

Argh, I was under the impression that somehow, boundaries and verstiges could be used to travel to/from the Realm. But the chapter looks so obscure to me that I could not be sure. Umm, that means that the Magic Realm is the choice playground for alchemical immortals (theoretically Living Ghost, too, but I'm not sure how the time limits for their possessions would work with the time effects in the Magic Realm - or Arcadia, for that matter).

Boundaries and Vestiges can be used to travel from location to location within the magic realm. But Boundaries and Vestiges do not connect with the Terrestrial sphere (afaik).
And time does not pass in the magic realm. Effects of a duration of Diameter or more last for the year, Year duration effects (or longer) are theoretically indefinate. However, crossing the Twilight Void cancels and ends any active spells or effects.

This effectively means that only alchemical immortals or Hermetic mages that know Goetic Arts and have Bound a Magic spirit can open a portal to the Magic Realm and roam in it safely under their own power. Passing through the Twilight Void would kill a living ghost by ending their possession spell or effect.

RoP: M, pages 20-21, Magic Regiones, indicates that you can sometimes travel to the Magic Realm from regiones using the usual boundary-crossing abilities or simply by following the appropriate ritual (e.g. walk round the clearing three times widdershins). Although rare, such entrances do exist according to canon, and would seem like the most sensible way to get characters into the Magic Realm for an adventure set there.

Abilities like Magic Sensitivity and Second Sight will also allow characters to travel through Boundaries and Vestiges, including taking others with them (RoP: M, page 23).

I hope that this helps.

Vestiges have connections to the mundane realm, and I'd be tempted to say that a known mundane version of a Vestige would provide another means of entering the Magic Realm, like crossing into a regio, if it suited the story.